Will the Browser Replace the SoftPhone? (Part 1)

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute

WebRTC is real-time communication between Web browsers: voice, video, and data.  WebRTC is already available in Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers and new applications are still emerging yet in the very early stages.

There are many functions to WebRTC that are extremely useful to organizations, both big and small.  Having a PBX/UC Softphone available everywhere, on every device that has a browser, makes staying connected seamless while boosting productivity.

WebRTC is a secure communication method that is especially advantageous for remote workers or workers that are in the field.  This technology makes the WebRTC browser the ultimate remote client or telephone for the enterprise PBX or UC Solution. Integrated Softphone applications can be used both locally and remotely. Mobility is the key!

Today’s employees are on a web browser much of the time, so they can use that same program for practically all of their communications. Utilizing SIP Trunks enables WebRTC. These applications imply that PBXs and UC solutions will come with WebRTC-to-SIP gateways and those may be part of the SIP trunking solution. WebRTC is over the Internet, or OTT, and competes for the bandwidth with data traffic, so there must be QoS handling in such solutions, especially considering the potential for HD quality.

WebRTC is not just a case of web browser-to-web browser communications. You still need the “middle piece”… the infrastructure to make it all work. DoubleHorn has the answer. We have provided hosted communications, and the infrastructure for on-premises solutions and now cloud infrastructure for hosted solutions, for almost ten years.

While still in the early stages with the details being settled regarding WebRTC standards, it will improve dramatically and be a necessary part of the enterprise UC and SIP trunking solution in the near future.

In general, WebRTC is a browser to browser communication outlet.  Whether it be instant messaging, exchanging links, video conferencing or making phone calls, WebRTC will keep employees connected.

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