Why Your SMB Should Switch To VoIP

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 2 minutes

There are many reasons VoIP is a better solution for your SMB communication needs. Hosted VoIP continues to increase its footprint in the small to medium sized business marketplace. It significantly increases productivity as well as profitability. It reduces risk and adds an unparallelled level of flexibility. To elaborate, hosted VoIP is the solution that utilizes your current internet connection bandwidth, thus ‘voice over internet protocol’. VoIP is the preferred solution to the costly alternative PBX hardware that resides onsite and managed by your IT personnel or consultant.

VoIP is projected to grow from its current 7% market penetration to over 35% in 2014. Adoption rates are keeping pace with theseaggressive growth projections and the numbers are explained by 5 key factors.

Cost Structure – VoIP can directly impact the bottom line of the company in an extremely positive way. VoIP piggybacks with the current internet connection bandwidth. VoIP allows for substantial upfront cost savings as well as predictable monthly usage fees.

Auto Pilot Communications – Since VoIP is run off a simple web interface, businesses don’t need extra IT staff to manage their communications. VoIP management can be remotely handled by the Unified Communications partner. In a nut shell hosted VoIP requires minimal levels of supervision.

Ease Of Scalability – Business owners can’t afford to be locked into inflexible technologies. While traditional phone systems are affixed to a certain number of employees, with hosted VoIP organizations have the ability to scale as needed. Whether scaling up or scaling down, the cost and time is minimal.

Continuity & Ease Of Mind – Natural disasters or power outages can threaten any company. Hosted VoIP  minimizes the negative impact associated with these occurrences. The box that runs these systems are off premise, in a secure location and is backed up. What this means is that in the event a disaster strikes, the business can continue operating as though nothing happened.

Versatility– VoIP enables technology such as softphones, which allow remote workers to work away from their office from any location with an Internet connection. This technology drives productivity as well as professionalism within the company. Organizations need to be as agile as possible. They can’t afford to be held hostage by static, on-premises technology.

DoubleHorn offers the flexibility and reliability that so many organizations rely on today. Call us today for a free communications assessment. We’ve served small and growing businesses for more than eight years. Whether you need hosted VoIP, managed broadband, or cloud-based services, we’ll save you time and money and keep you focused on growing your business while we take care of the technology.