Why Use a Cloud Services Broker?

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According to Gartner, Cloud Services Brokers fulfill three primary roles: aggregation brokerage, customization brokerage or integration brokerage. As a Cloud Services Broker, our primary role is that of an aggregator to help you select and bundle the best cloud services to meet your challenges from among the technology partners in our Cloud Services Marketplace. Our years of expertise delivering hosted technologies enables us to work with your organization to evaluate and select the right cloud services for your needs. Much like hiring a real estate agent to help with a home purchase, a Cloud Services Broker brings years of expertise and knowledge of the marketplace to simplify the search and procurement process.

Currently, DoubleHorn serves as the source and aggregator for six cloud providers: Rackspace, Verizon, CenturyLink CenturyLink, Amazon Web Services, IBM, and Google.

We provide data and metrics for analysis to assist you regarding your cloud strategy and give you up-to-date related technology trends within your industry. Combining public and private data sources with data from our Cloud Index, we help guide you on the best track with cloud technology selections, budget, skill-sets, and other customizable areas.


Your organization will benefit from the seamless selection and implementation of your cloud services. A key benefit of working with a broker such as DoubleHorn is that we have tested and certified all technology partners in our marketplace to ensure secure, interoperable and tightly integrated cloud solutions. We also provide ongoing operational and managed services support, in combination with self-service tools available via our customer portal, MyDoubleHorn.com.

The underlying platform for DoubleHorn’s cloud solutions marketplace won a “Best of Show” award for Best Cloud Solution at ITExpo 2012. Since then, we have continued to add functionality and technology partners to the marketplace. The robust cloud services marketplace includes a communications and IT services marketplace, a service and support portal and reporting and performance management tools. It also features consolidated billing for all cloud services.

Whether your organization is new to the cloud, or you need to expand or consolidate existing services with one provider, a Cloud Services Broker can add value and save your organization time and money. Contact us today to learn more.