What is Ransomware? How can Cloud protect you from Ransomware?

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Ever faced a situation where you suddenly find that your company website has been hacked, and intruders have stolen all the confidential data or have you suddenly felt that your money has been taken out by a hacker? You are probably under the threat of Ransomware.

What is a Ransomware?

Ransomware is sophisticated software that integrates highly developed encryption and algorithm to block different system files and then demands payment in return for the solution that can unblock the blocked content. In other words, it is simply a threat to the cyber world. Ransomware resembles an advanced financial and data stealing malware. It encrypts all the content and lets the user of the system know that money has to be delivered within the stipulated period. If the ransom money were not paid, the encrypted content would be lost. Many people believe that Ransomware threats are really difficult to remove. That is because they are very time sensitive.

How does Ransomware affect victims?

The victims of Ransomware are affected in various ways. Not only because it costs them money, but also because they are not sure if they would ever be able to access the content again. Malware protection can be done by various programming software and antivirus software designed to obstruct malware from entering the computer.

How does Ransomware enter the computers?

Computers have several software programs and hardware components. Computer virus or malware can affect the programming of the computer in various ways and also alter the functionality of the hardware, software and of the drives. They can also cause loss of files, slow operations, locked memory space and corrupt programs. They also damage the host system while the computer is performing one function and then spread to the other parts of the drives and network. Cloud computing can help the companies to avoid malfunctioning due to the virus and also with recovery after getting affected.

Primary solution

It is important to have data backup to protect the files from getting lost. There are various disaster recovery options as well that can help to retrieve the data. Cloud security is also one of the solutions to protect your computer from being attacked by Ransomware. Also, you need malware protection and virus protection from any security loopholes. Encrypting your files and storing the files on the cloud can keep your data safe from the wrong hands, but, it is not the ultimate solution, as Ransomware does not steal the data, but just stops your access to the data. The other best practice is to store the critical data backed up to different cloud platforms, so that if one account is hacked, you can use the backup account for your activities.

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