What is MPLS and How Can it Help My Business?

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute

What is MPLS and How Can it Help My Business?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the first step to implementing a successful IP communication system is truly understanding the tools necessary for deployment and how to utilize them for future growth as your company’s goals change.

So what is MPLS? You may have heard of Multi-Protocol Label Switching, but are you really aware of the benefits it can provide for your company? If not, here’s a quick background regarding how the service actually works.

In order to communicate internally and externally, today’s advanced telephony technology utilizes Internet Protocols (IP) to send and receive information. Multi-protocol systems can utilize virtually any kind of protocol without being restricted to a single delivery method.

How MPLS stands apart from regular VPN or other IP connections is its use of labeling. MPLS networks utilize packets to send voice and data information. Each packet is then assigned a label or multiple labels to transmit the information from one end of the packet to the other.

As each packet travels from one destination to the next, it checks and drops off any information necessary for processing and is then tagged with another label to replace the previous one. From there, the packet goes to the next station and repeats the process until all of the information has been transmitted.