What is a SBC – Session Border Controller?

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What is an SBC – Session Border Controller?

Telecommunications technology is vital to any company, but what good is the technology behind telephony services if you don’t fully understand how it works?

The protocol underlying IP communications is called Session Initiation Protocol (SBC), and one piece of technology that is essential in a SIP trunking deployment is a session border controller. A session border controller is designed to help enable and secure important parts of a business’ telecommunications infrastructure. It controls the network selectively and directs communications between two end devices on the network. These are considered sessions.

The session border controller controls the sessions at the point where traffic is handed off from one network to another – known as the border. Because of its position in the network, the session border controller can be implemented by businesses or service providers.

SBCs also help VoIP network operators face security threats to their networks and businesses. The main role of the SBC is to protect and secure the network. It is designed to eliminate spoofing attacks, denial of service attacks and toll fraud. SBCs also provide secure access to SIP trunking services so companies can save money and maintain security at the same time.