What Connectivity Does Your Company Need

Read Time: 2 minutes

There are many options when it comes to internet connectivity and there are many questions to be answered before making a decision. For instance, how much bandwidth does the company need?  If you’ve ever been on your computer at work really early in the morning before anybody else gets there, you may have noticed how fast you could download a document or surf the internet. This is because corporate internet connections are different from what you may experience at home.

If you’re starting a business or just looking to increase your bandwidth, here are a few of the common types of internet connections being used for business communications.

A T1 connection can carry about sixty times the amount of data per second than a regular residential modem. A T1 line has the power to carry twenty-four digitized voice channels and a data rate of 1.544 megabits per second. A T1 should be more than adequate for a small business with just a few employees and moderate to regular use.

A Wideband connection is a faster connection compared to broadband which usually uses Cable, DSL and satellite internet connections. Wideband is not available at as many locations compared to Broadband. Wideband also makes gaming, streaming video, and multitasking a lot faster because of the increase in speed. Wideband is more expensive then Broadband and may not be worth the price if you don’t need the speed increase.

Metro Ethernet also referred to as Metropolitan-area Ethernet, or “Metro E”, is a network in a metropolitan area network (MAN) that is based on Ethernet standards. It is commonly used to connect subscribers to a larger service network or the Internet.

Fiber is the ultimate connection. Fiber can range greatly in bandwidth depending on many factors. Fiber is more powerful, more precisely flexible, more stable, and quicker than most any other type of internet connection. Its speeds will almost always be measured in Mbps or Gbps rather than kbps.

The bandwidth needed to efficiently run data and voice services depends on how much data and voice services your business consumes. Having enough bandwidth for daily functions of your business can save you money… call quality is clearer, internet speeds are lightning fast and employees are much more productive.

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