What Can Cloud Applications Do for Your Business?

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Thanks to the Web becoming a repository of useful information and research, now when you are looking for business-related advice or a solution, you can literally type a question into a search engine for guidance. But wouldn’t it be nice if the answers you were looking for were all in one place and supported by real examples from experts who have lived through and survived the same kind of obstacles?

What Can Cloud Applications Do for Your Business?

Based on our eight years of experience providing managed business communications such as data, voice and broadband Internet, we realize the necessity for answers to questions regarding how to transition your communications process and technologies to the cloud by transitioning to cloud applications. Join us next week on Thursday, January 31 for a short Web presentation designed to help  you understand why transitioning to cloud-based technologies and cloud applications will not only save you precious time and money, but also help to streamline your operations and increase productivity.

Next week’s webinar will address questions such as what benefits and technologies cloud applications actually provide as well as the best ways to make a smooth transition from your current hardware or software applications and infrastructure. The live event will also include information on what benefits come with implementing cloud applications as well as how much savings are involved. Lastly, attendees will hear a case study highlighting a customer who has realized success and true ROI from utilizing our cloud applications.

Why Hosted VoIP is the Key to Expand Your SMB According to a recent report released by IBISWorld, VoIP continues to grow in the United States at a rapid rate. In fact, over the last five years, VoIP use in the U.S. has experienced a 16.7 percent annual growth rate, with an increasing portion of that growth being in the small to medium sized business (SMB) sector. The VoIP market now generates $15 billion a year in revenue.3 Ways to Increase Business Productivity with Hosted VoIP