WFO: Bridging the Gap- Visibility, Accountability, Consistency, Profitability

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 3 minutes

The concept of cloud-based workforce optimization (WFO) solutions is increasingly capturing the imagination of decision makers in contact center companies. WFO software can revolutionize manual processes by providing you with real-time data on agents’ performance, and that will help you plan the work and save time, money and labor.

As the late professor and management expert Edwards Deming said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Workforce optimization provides for actionable results. While manual methods are useful in understanding past mistakes, WFO solutions can tell you when you are about to go wrong with staffing issues. This real-time data can help managers to take corrective steps quickly and optimize contact center resources.

In today’s challenging economic conditions, every business is under severe cost pressures. Contact centers are no different. The best possible way to achieve cost optimization is to minimize the number of contact center agents and maximize the utilization rate of the existing ones.

This strategy, however, can backfire as it can often lead to a drop in service levels and poor customer experience. A reduction in the number of agents can increase queue time, making it difficult to achieve high first call resolutions.

WFO Offers Solutions to Challenges

WFO software can help you overcome these challenges. It can provide tools for time management, performance analysis, agent training and call recording. It also provides analytics, thereby, helping you achieve a balance between the right number of people, at the right time, with the right skills.

WFO can evaluate agent interactions on a regular basis and offer feedback on their performance. It can tell you how much time an agent spends on a call and whether agents adhere to their assigned schedule.

WFO can improve employee turnover rates by helping you offer personalized training and coaching programs for skill development. It can also bring down costs for recruitment. Above all, the program suite can record customer feedback and help you gauge customer satisfaction.

Track and Measure KPIs

WFO software can monitor and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis. Real-time monitoring of agent performance means no delay in communication of information. This data related to time, attendance, schedule adherence and task completion is critical as it can provide accurate agent feedback.

Accordingly, you can schedule training and coaching sessions for the agents. WFO software can also make note of your staff’s progress during training sessions and evaluate whether the training has helped achieve the desired results.

WFO software can also help you understand your customer better. The software’s speech analytics tools can record and analyze customer calls and feedback. Combining speech analytics data with a powerful survey tool will provide insights into your clients’ perceptions of service quality and offer a comprehensive view of your customer portfolio.

Multi-Channel Support

With the advent of social media, customers are looking for multi-channel services. These different channels make operations more complicated. Manual processes will not be able to provide you a real-time view of the interactions across all channels, being carried out by agents in a contact center.

WFO can offer you tracking tools to obtain insights from various channels. If you manage these channels in silos, you will be forced to collect and analyze performance data from different sources to understand the customer needs. By implementing WFO tools, you can achieve an omnichannel contact center experience. It can also help you forecast customer preferences and schedule your staff accordingly.

Besides, workforce optimization solutions can be used to understand employee preference for handling a particular communication channel over another. This choice will allow you to plan efficiently suitable training programs for employees to handle different communication channels.

WFO in the Cloud

With the added benefits of cloud and its inherent advantages, WFO software can transform the way you do business. Cloud-based WFO software has eliminated the need for making a significant capital outlay to acquire the technology. Hence, it is now possible for small and medium enterprises to improve efficiency and service levels with reduced risks.

Cloud-based WFO software allows for rapid deployment and easy scalability. It will ensure that you are on the most up-to-date version without additional costs. Cloud helps you customize, allowing you to pay only for those features that you use.

So, the answer to the question, Do I need cloud-based WFO software for my contact center is pretty straightforward. Every contract station, irrespective of its size, needs WFO software in the cloud. It can reduce personnel cost without any compromise on service quality.

DoubleHorn, along with its strategic partner inContact, can help you implement cloud-based WFO software that will help you offer better services to customers. Our solutions can also improve efficiency and employee turnover rates in a cost-effective manner. Contact us at 855-61-VOICE (86423) for more information.