Webinar: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS: Breaking Down Cloud Computing Service Models

Read Time: 8 minutes

About This Webinar:

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS… In the rapidly expanding world of cloud computing is rife with cryptic acronyms and abbreviations. ‘Saas’, ‘PaaS’, and ‘IaaS’ are three of the most commonly used acronyms in the cloud sector, and for good reason!

These three terms distinguish between the primary cloud computing service models: ‘Software as a Service’, ‘Platform as a Service’, and ‘Infrastructure as a Service’. Since cloud computing can fulfill virtually any IT need imaginable (and often in many different ways), these classifications are necessary to indicate the role that a particular cloud service fulfills, and how that service accomplishes its role. In other words, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are the three main paradigms of cloud computing.

In this webinar, we will break down the three computing service models and help you identify an ideal cloud strategy for scalable and agile solutions for quality delivery for your organization. We will discuss continuous deployment, challenges to support faster access to services, cost-efficient implementations, and performance delivery for business and end-users.

We will also discuss cloud computing models that are becoming more popular and that you will start to hear more in the future Container as a Service (CaaS) and Function as a Service (FaaS).

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In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Understanding the Cloud Computing Stack

  • Compare Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
  • Common Examples of SaaS, PaaS, & IaaS
  • Specific Features and Functionalities
  • IT Infrastructure Planning & Choosing What’s best for your Organization

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Cliff Eversdyk

Data Developer

Cliff Eversdyk is his name, pulling data sources used in BetterClouds our Liftr Index and pricing and usage data is his game. Cliff is highly analytical and thoughtful due to his training as a gas turbine repair engineer, and he finds satisfaction in figuring out how complex systems work and describing them in clear and understandable terms. In the past, Cliff has worked on a wide range of projects, from designing gas turbine systems to building risk analysis and contract forecasting tools. As Data Developer, Cliff is responsible for building and scaling services which support our products by serving accurate and actionable information. Cliff also brings a solid blend of technical knowledge about cloud computing and data here at Doublehorn to help our clients gather information on the current state of the cloud and their environments.

Apollo Gonzalez

Chief Technology Officer – Catapult Systems

Apollo Gonzalez serves as Chief Technology Officer for Catapult Systems. As Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for driving innovation by transforming existing and emerging technologies into new service offerings for our clients, helping organizations validate or create actionable IT and business strategy roadmaps, mentoring and educating consultants and sales on emerging technologies, as well as connecting technology offerings and readiness with sales and marketing initiatives. Apollo brings over 13 years of technology leadership and management experience, including 10 years of providing and delivering strategic solution to organizations. Apollo started as a Solution Architect for Catapult and quickly worked his way to CTO. Prior to Catapult, Apollo was the Director and Chief Technical Architect for Bernard Hodes Group.

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