Webinar: Are You Allocating And Aggregating Your Public Cloud Cost Properly?

Read Time: 8 minutes

About This Webinar:

Cloud bills are complex. It can be difficult to account for which costs should be allocated to which business units or cost centers. You also need to take into account your negotiated discounts with each cloud provider and any overhead charges from internal services groups.

Proper cloud cost allocation helps organizations manage their current spending and ensure value creation. Learn from Drew Bixby, DoubleHorn’s Product Manager and Mike Reed DoubleHorns Solutions Architect on how high-growth information analytics and about best practices and tools to manage, allocate and optimize your cloud spend.

Many businesses have started to embraced cloud computing as an efficient and cost-effective way to scale their organization. In today’s software-centric world, more and more enterprises are migrating to the cloud—and for good reason! Here at DoubleHorn, we think that having a well-defined cloud migration strategy in place is imperative for a successful migration.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Understanding costs and usage to avoid surprises and drive accountability

  • Visibility on Cost Reports and Billing of your Public Cloud Spend
  • Insights into Governance and Collaboration
  • Tips to Optimize your Current Cloud Spend
  • The importance of Multi-Tier Billing and what organization’s spend daily

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Drew Bixby

DoubleHorn Director Of Product

Drew directs where the product is going for the company and why. Among the variety of daily tasks, he guides the development team to meet the immediate needs while keeping the long-term objectives in mind. He ensures everyone understands what we build and why. Drew talks about our personas like old friends. He is someone who takes measured risks. The recovering CPA side of Drew calculates and plans while the decade starting and running his own company draws him forward in uncharted waters.

Mike Reed

Sales Engineer and Solutions Architect

Helping customers articulate their requirements and develop sound technology strategies is Mike’s bread and butter. Mike Reed was previously a Principal Consultant at Talkative Technologies LLC where he engaged a variety of clients on AWS cloud migrations, mobile application development, and business process transformation. He also previously worked at other technology companies including Mobile Iron, Forsythe Technologies, and Apple. Mike, also brings a solid blend of channel sales leadership, business acumen, and technical ability to Doublehorn as the Sales Engineer and Solutions Architect for our Cloud Advisory Services.

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