Vendor Evaluation For SIP Trunk

Read Time: 2 minutes

An increasing number of enterprises are migrating from traditional communications systems to SIP. As a result, many providers have jumped into the SIP marketplace. With so many vendors to choose from, it’s important to evaluate SIP providers carefully and thoroughly.

When beginning to identify potential SIP trunk providers for your company, it’s very important to identify the providers key offerings.  Although it is possible to buy individual features from multiple vendors; it is usually more beneficial to purchase all services from one vendor. Not only will this make for a more simplified billing structure but will prove to be much more productive.

If problems arise there is no way for vendors to point fingers at the other. In the event communications, applications are performing at anything less than optimum levels, the SIP trunking provider’s professional services team will quickly respond and restore performance regardless of the individual piece of hardware or software that is causing the problem. The focus won’t be on attempting to shift blame to another vendor on the network; it will be on working fast to ensure the problem is solved and the network remains within service level agreements.

DoubleHorn is one such provider and a true one-stop shop, offering professional services capabilities with SIP trunking experience and a proven methodology for quickly deploying,  turning up, and managing the communications network.  DoubleHorn also offers VoIP, internet connectivity, cloud-based applications and much more.

The cost savings benefits also are prevalent when bundling services with a single vendor.

DoubleHorn has invested in creating a high-availability, fault-tolerant, reliable network that is tuned and optimized specifically for hosted, session-based communications and that is on the net with major carriers. For those providers that do offer their own network, companies should make sure that it is fully compliant with all federal and local security standards at the application, network, and packet level.

With DoubleHorn SIP trunking, all communications take place over the company’s Internet connection. As long as employees can access the Internet (even if they’re working in a remote field using a broadband Internet satellite, wireless PC card, or similar technology), SIP trunking keeps them connected and productive. SIP trunking ensures that communications from one endpoint to another are routed securely and appropriately, including phone calls to mobile devices or tablets.

According to a recent study by Infonetics Research, the use of SIP trunks jumped by 83% in 2012 compared to the previous year.  The growth is expected to be even greater in 2013.

DoubleHorn can deliver the road map to your SIP trunk implementation and make the process painless and quick. Contact us today for your free assessment and quote.