UCaaS : Cloud and Communications – The Way to Go!

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Part 4/4 of Blog Series on Unified Communications

Unified Communications has revolutionized the way businesses communicate and collaborate and has emerged as a powerful communication tool. But the tremendous success of cloud and the benefits the technology offers has opened newer opportunities to merge all communication networks along with mission-critical data needs by offering Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS). UCaaS facilitates the provision of data, dial tone, video, conferencing and a host of other advanced applications and features directly to your business over the cloud. UCaaS facilitates effective interaction and collaboration between all the departments in your organization. UCaaS offers several benefits over on-premise applications. It eliminates the need to purchase and maintain costly servers and other equipment thereby resulting in significant cost savings. It also helps in increasing employee productivity and frees up manpower that can be put to use in other important issues.

Adopting UCaaS has many advantages over on-premise applications, a few of them are listed below

Scalability: With UCaaS, you pay only for what you use and in the event of your needs grow, a service provider can scale up your services to accommodate growth or scale down as per your requirement. The elasticity of using the cloud model of service helps your business to maximize usage with a fraction of costs.

Increased Efficiency of IT Staff: As is the case with cloud services, consolidation of all your communication applications will help you in leveraging the capabilities of your IT staff on issues that require immediate attention. Your staff is no longer saddled with mundane maintenance and installation duties as the service provider look after services such as testing, installing, upgrading, and maintaining the equipment. This allows your IT resources to dedicate themselves to other projects that aid your business is growing faster and being more competitive.

Enhanced Mobility: Your business is very likely to rely more on mobile workers that are always connected through a myriad of devices such as softphones, mobiles, and other wireless devices. Offering UC over the cloud makes it easier for you to connect and deliver services to your mobile workers. Knowing that the status information of availability of a service whether they are on a phone or on a vacation or a meeting assures more productivity from your employees.

Reduced CAPEX, Installation, licensing, Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs: Adopting the UC services over cloud from a provider results in significant cost savings. On-premise UC entails significant CAPEX costs, high installation and maintenance costs. Even infrastructure costs are high given the fact that a host of equipment is required to set up and maintain. The hassle of licensing, upgrading and maintaining is also eliminated when migrated to the cloud as the maintenance and upgrading tasks are performed by trained professionals with the service provider.

Disaster Recovery: Hosted UC makes to rely on hosted service or Internet link and the service provider is responsible to restore the services with minimum downtime while adding on-premise redundancy becomes too costly to afford for small to medium-sized businesses. Speedy recovery from a potential outage assumes critical importance as it affects the overall productivity and implementing UCaaS aids you in getting back to work real soon.

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