Types and Advantages of CSB

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CSB providers aid the customers in identifying the perfect cloud providers, in providing tailor-made solutions to ensure optimum pricing and billing and in ensuring provision of similar KPIs, reporting and usage tracking tools across the suite of cloud services opted for. According to Gartner, CSB business can be broadly divided into three major categories namely Cloud Service Intermediation, Aggregation and Cloud Service Arbitrage

Cloud Service Intermediation

Service providers that provide value-added support to augment the capabilities of one or more already existing cloud services without actually offering any cloud services are said to be Cloud service intermediation brokerages. These providers offer various services which include pre-contract consultancy services, access and identity management, incident reporting and security management, control on billing and pricing of services and service level reporting and management among others.


The second type of brokerage is the aggregation brokerage wherein the service provider offers intermediation services along with customizing and bundling various cloud services to suit the specific requirements of customers under its own label. Aggregation services are usually offered using a single user interface to enable monitoring of joint KPIs and managing single contracts and billing procedures. Some of the services offered include integration of data, protecting process integrity, data modeling across various components of cloud services and also ensuring portability of data between a service provider and customers. The services brokered by aggregation brokers are usually fixed and do not tend to change very often.

Cloud Service Arbitrage

This type of service is pretty much similar to cloud service aggregation except that cloud service arbitrage services are flexible and not fixed. These service providers offer flexible choices for service aggregators. Few of the services offered include the provision of credit-scoring services and provision of multiple e-mail services through a single service provider.

Rising popularity of the cloud In the public sector for federal and government agencies for 2018.

Advantages of CSB

CSBs offer a myriad of advantages which include:
  • Interoperability: Provision of a simple interface that offers interoperability benefits including a single sign-on. These rules-based solutions enable enterprises to efficiently manage cloud resources while mitigating the complexity involved in working with multiple providers.
  • Data Security: Enabling enhanced levels of data security and allowing enterprises to develop novel solutions that address security concerns as well as facilitating cost savings.
  • Enhanced Service Quality: Provision of hassle-free repair, maintenance, and upgrade of services and offerings.
  • Integration: Assisting the enterprises in determining the ideal framework of each individual need by providing budget guidance and also assisting in selection and integration of different services across multiple hybrid approaches.
  • Flexibility: Facilitation of high levels of flexibility for enterprises by enabling negotiation of technical contracts on-the-fly and several other infrastructure advantages.

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