Tips for Obtaining a Complete UC System with Hosted VoIP

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute

Building on the first installment of our “How to Obtain a Complete Unified Communications System,” series, here are three more UC add-ons to help compliment your current hosted VoIP service.

In light of all the recent natural disasters, peace of mind in the business place is vital, and at DoubleHorn, we offer that with our Business Continuity solution. Business Continuity allows you to form a disaster contingency plan before a natural disaster strikes. This allows businesses to avoid disruption with features like emergency call routing and “soft phones” for homebound employees, your company will be prepared when and if the next natural disaster occurs.

Keeping multiple or remote offices secure can also be made easier with our Virtual Private Network (VPN). Our VPN offers exceptional security and reliability by providing secure employee access to the office network, to share, retrieve and download important data and information. The VPN can service up to six different locations, and with a non-recurring setup fee, is perfect for a business with multiple locations.


Additionally, with our IPOne fax solution, customers can take advantage of unlimited local and domestic long distance by linking IPOne to their existing fax machine. Our fax services also allow customers to serve multiple markets while keeping their existing lines and fax configuration.