The New SIP Trunk Offering: Hosted SBCs

Read Time: 1 minute

With cloud communications becoming increasingly popular and in demand in the enterprise, we introduced our hosted Session Border Controller (SBC) solution to address the specific needs we saw our customers requiring in the medium-enterprise market. Our new Hosted SBC is an extension to our successful SIP Trunking and hosted VoIP services.

The service, SIPedge, connects multiple enterprise sites to our Hosted Session Management Service via diverse types of WAN links, depending on what each client is using at their remote sites.

With this service, our solution takes the place of what usually acts as the enterprise data center in a SIP Trunking architecture where the enterprise is aggregating all its PSTN-bound traffic up to a central site. The information will then be relayed through a single or mirrored SIP trunk. Although this service will receive the PTSN-bound traffic, customers are free to use their current carrier’s SIP trunk solution while still using our hosted session management service.

Our CEO, Tab Schadt said it best: the introduction of our hosted SBC addresses potential financial issues for the enterprise, as well as ease and speed of implementation.

As hosted SBCs go, reporting and management are crucial functionalities and we didn’t take any chances devoting resources to developing a self-service management portal. Although our company started building its own Session Management and SBC technology, we currently partner with Acme Packet to deploy their SBC solution as well.