The Importance of Hosted Session Management in the Enterprise

Read Time: 1 minute

In today’s marketplace, it goes without saying that having efficient cloud services in place is extremely vital for a successful enterprise. DoubleHorn provides efficient session management solutions while at the same time raising the bar by reducing Capital Expenditure and simplifying complexity.

With its hosted session management offering, the company helps to eliminates multi-vendor management and simplifies purchasing by consolidating all the equipment needed into one low monthly payment. This move not only reduces equipment CAPEX, but reduces complexity by providing all of the equipment necessary including telephones, routers and industry-standard servers as well.

DoubleHorn’s session management has simplified purchasing and is able to establish a relationship between the user, the device and the services delivered to that device. The solution also reduces complexity by eliminating tedious multi-vendor management by delivering turn-key solutions.

Hosted session management also allows enterprises to seize control by centralizing provisioning and monitoring of all enterprise Unified Communications including voice and video. Because DoubleHorn essentially acts as your one-stop shop for unified communications, the company is able to streamline the user experience and workflows.

Whether you are a small business just laying your foundation in the market, or a thriving enterprise, DoubleHorn ensures that its customizable session management solutions fit the demands of your enterprise depending on your individual goals.