The Advantages of Hosted VoIP for SMBs: Part 1

Read Time: 1 minute

In order to become more effective as a small to medium sized business in a big market, at the end of the year organizations usually sit down and pinpoint their rights and wrongs in order to move forth in the new year by simplifying processes even further. If you aren’t already utilizing hosted VoIP in your communications plan here are four reasons why it should be a part of your 2013 to do list.

It’s Easy. By utilizing hosted VoIP services, all of your business communication services will be displayed on one, easy to read invoice depending on the other add on’s you include (Internet, email, mobile, etc).Working with DoubleHorn, you can assess your goals beforehand and decide what package works best for you to streamline your services and make the implementation process effortless.

It’s Cheaper. By leveraging VoIP in the cloud, it’s much cheaper than that of landline telephony options, particularly if you have a PSTN line or an old PBX in place. In addition, by bundling other UC services with your hosted VoIP, like email, Internet or storage, you can increase your savings even further.

It’s Scalable. With the state of the economy, especially at a time when being a smaller company isn’t the most favorable, SMBs need a voice solution that can scale as they do. Whether your business is growing or has to take some steps back, hosted VoIP services like IPOne systems are completely future-proof.

It Saves Time. By using hosted VoIP services, you can let your provider handle the dirty work for you; whether it is the setup, maintenance or support. DoubleHorn provides always on tech support internally rather than by outsourcing and has consultants that are willing to come to you if necessary.