The Advantages of Hosted VoIP for SMBs: Part 2

Read Time: 1 minute

If you read yesterday’s blog, “The Advantages of Hosted VoIP for SMBs: Part 1,“ don’t think that’s where the benefits of hosted VoIP stop. Here are four more reasons why hosted VoIP is advantageous for your SMB.

It’s Quality. Just because your hosted VoIP service isn’t hosted on premise, doesn’t mean it’s any less reliable. In fact, having a hosted VoIP solution actually increases your features, for more reasons than one. DoubleHorn partners with providers like Polycom and ADTRAN for data routers to ensure your VoIP service is always performing at optimal efficiency.

It’s Guaranteed. Regardless of what provider you wind up using, there is always that small thought in the back of your mind as to what if something goes wrong. DoubleHorn provides a service agreement that includes a number of service level goals and metrics based on your goals to ensure you are always covered no matter the issue.

It’s Flexible. Whether your business is spread out over three locations or you are getting ready to relocate, your hosted VoIP service can move with you making any transition a seamless one. Especially with the factor of so many employees taking advantage of working from home or logging in remotely, the necessity to remain connected regardless of your location is key in today’s virtual workforce.

It’s Secure. The first apprehension most businesses have when moving any service to the cloud is security. Is my data safe? What if something happens? Hosted VoIP allows for seamless call routing in the event of an emergency or even just a power outage so you are always secure and connected.