The Advantages of Bundling Cloud Applications

Read Time: 1 minute

Whether your organization is classified as an SMB or a Fortune 500 company, there is one thing in the telecommunications industry that is one size fits all regardless of your bank account or roster; the cloud.

Despite what services you are looking to host in the cloud, as the industry adoption level of migrating to the cloud increases, the menu of cloud applications has changed to address the challenges the market faces today as well. For example, in early stages, most companies picked and chose what cloud applications they needed at a particular time and implemented them into their UC plans individually. However, as organizations big and small are beginning to trust the cloud more due to experience with moving to virtual services slowly, more SMBs and enterprises are starting to take the leap from utilizing individual cloud apps to bundling them.

By bundling or packaging individual cloud applications, you can streamline your billing, maintenance and support into one easy to manage invoice. Additionally, but probably most advantageous to any company’s bottom line, is that by bundling cloud applications, you are able to drive down expenses. Think of it like buying in bulk at superstores like Costco or the “triple-play” options that are available through cable providers for Internet and voice. The more you buy, the more you save. Now that the benefits speak for themselves, are you ready for the cloud?