The #1 Most Important Factor When Choosing a Cloud Services Brokerage Firm

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Experts predicted that, in 2015, the cloud services brokerage firm industry would become the largest and fastest-growing segment of the cloud market. And that’s exactly what happened. As clients seek to simplify the cloud migration process, cloud brokerage firms can hold their hand through a tricky process. Plus, they often save you money in the process.

But as with any industry that’s growing fast, you’ll find a number of copycat companies. Amateurish shops just looking to capitalize off a fast-growing market. So how do you pick the perfect cloud services brokerage company for your organization? You don’t just want to find the company that can get you the best rates from the best service providers. You don’t just want a company with a proven reputation for security and compliance. No, you also need to find a cloud services brokerage firm with specific experience working in your field.

For instance, DoubleHorn often services public organizations looking to upgrade their data backup, storage, security, and IT services by migrating to the cloud. And it’s been a busy year on that front. The International Data Corporation projects that public cloud spending is going to increase to $100 billion by 2016, up from just $40 billion in 2012. Governmental organizations primarily switch to the cloud to cut costs and increase efficiency, often cited by customers as their top reason for choosing to work with a cloud services brokerage firm.

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In fact, federal officials have said the government plans to reduce digital infrastructure spending by 30% by migrating IT services to the cloud. Meanwhile, 59% of enterprise clients say that upgrading to the cloud increased their company’s efficiency by enabling better data sharing between departments. But how do you pick the perfect brokerage company?

If you represent a public organization or governmental agency at the city, state, or federal level, then you’ll want to work with cloud broker services skilled in serving similar organizations. Government agencies switching to the cloud often have a host of unique government cloud security and compliance requirements, and you’ll want to work with a broker who already understands these needs.

Likewise, if you work for a healthcare provider interested in migrating to the cloud, you’ll want to find a skilled cloud broker with a proven record of compliance, and we’re not just talking about HIPAA. The best cloud services brokerage will have experience not just in HIPAA compliance and government cloud security, but also compliance protocols like FedRamp, Department of Education standards, ITAR, and more.

So if you’re considering developing cloud migration blueprints with a cloud service brokerage company, then the number one thing to look for is a firm with an extensive track record of serving similar organizations.