Tab SchadtChief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Tab Schadt started DoubleHorn in 2005 with just a few clients and has been steering our ship ever since. Tab defines a passionate leader. He is encouraging, driven and has a true vision for our company and our customers. In fact, nothing makes Tab happier than seeing our success through our satisfied customers.

As the CEO of DoubleHorn, Tab knows that great things happen through trial and error. He is always encouraging and pushing his employees out of their comfort zone and into new tasks that grow them both professionally and personally.

As a double major in Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University, Tab has worked in FORTUNE 500 companies, Private Equity, IT & Financial Services Consulting and high-growth start-ups.

When Tab isn’t working (which is almost never) enjoys running marathons, golfing and spending time at the DoubleHorn ranch with his family watching all the beautiful animals and gorgeous sunsets. Tab is also active with fundraising for the Special Olympics Foundation.

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Drew Bixby directs where the product is going for the company and why. Among the variety of daily tasks, he guides the development team to meet the immediate needs while keeping the long-term objectives in mind.