Sonya GonzalezFinancial Controller

Financial Controller

Sonya Gonzalez guides financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures. In other words, she makes sure things are running smoothly! Sonya also assists our operations team with service contracts, support, inventory, renewal of contracts and much, much more.

In her five years at DoubleHorn, Sonya has seen DoubleHorn evolve and expand the services we offer our customers. Sonya says, “it is incredible to think of how much the world of technology has changed and I am very proud to be a part of it.  The experiences and challenges have been few and far between and have helped to grow and expand my knowledge in the financial world.”

In her free time, Sonya enjoys cooking, baking, fishing and going to the movies.  She also belongs to some volunteer organizational clubs. Get to know more about Sonya on LinkedIn.