Drew BixbySenior Director of Operations

Senior Director of Operations

Drew Bixby directs where the product is going to the company and why. Among the variety of daily tasks, he guides the development team to meet the immediate needs while keeping the long-term objectives in mind. He ensures everyone understands what we build and why.

Drew talks about our personas like old friends. He is someone who takes measured risks. The recovering CPA side of Drew calculates and plans while the decade starting and running his own company draws him forward in uncharted waters. The same balanced risk-taking drives him to kayak surf (it’s ok if you haven’t heard of the sport where you are strapped to a surfboard).

When he isn’t taking risks, moving fast, planning for the future and inspiring Huzzahs!, Drew enjoys time writing, hiking, analyzing movies with his wife or attempting to keep pace with his daughter’s knowledge of Spanish.

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