Cliff EversdykData Developer

Data Developer

Cliff Eversdyk is his name, pulling data sources used in BetterClouds our Liftr Index and pricing and usage data is his game. Cliff is highly analytical and thoughtful due to his training as a gas turbine repair engineer, and he finds satisfaction in figuring out how complex systems work and describing them in clear and understandable terms. In the past, Cliff has worked on a wide range of projects, from designing gas turbine systems to building risk analysis and contract forecasting tools. As Data Developer, Cliff is responsible for building and scaling services which support our products by serving accurate and actionable information.

In his spare time, Cliff enjoys working on his beer recommendation engine and competing in tennis, soccer, and distance running. He can also be found puzzling over the subtleties of poker game theory and optimizing fantasy football lineups. Cliff and his wife, Jen, currently reside in South Austin with their dog Baloo.

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