Streamline Your Business with Microsoft Office 365

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Long gone are the days of basic email communication applications for business purposes. Since its initial launch in 2011, Microsoft Office 365 has transformed the way businesses streamline their communications using Software as a Service cloud technology. 

Software as a Service is defined as a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription, rather than bought and installed on individual computers.  

One of the leading SaaS solutions available is Microsoft Office 365 

As a matter of fact, Microsoft recently reported its Office 365 commercial monthly active users surpassed 155 million worldwide in its 2019 Fiscal Year Q1 Earnings Reportmaking Microsoft Office 365 the leader in SaaS cloud technologyMicrosoft O365 includes a variety of different applications and services in its software bundle, each with their own purpose of streamlining business functions. We break down a quick overview of Microsoft Office 365, why you should consider O365, and how DoubleHorn can help your company migrate to the O365 platform. 

A Microsoft Office 365 Overview 

Microsoft O365 offers a multitude of different subscription packages. Each subscription package includes a bundle of different business software applications and services to help streamline business functionalities. Below is a list of the most common O365 business applications  

  • Word: Microsoft’s standard and commonly used word processor 
  • Excel: Microsoft’s spreadsheet platform features calculation, tables, and formulas 
  • PowerPoint: Microsoft’s standard presentation program 
  • Outlook: a personal information manager often used for email, calendars, and communication 
  • OneDrive: a file hosting service allowing users to store files and personal data 
  • SharePoint: A cloud-based service for businesses which allows instant sharing of files for easier communication 
  • AccessMicrosoft’s database management system 
  • Skype for Businessan instant messaging and video conferencing tool for interpersonal communication 
  • Publisher: a desktop publishing application emphasizing page layout and design

As a subscription service, Microsoft O365 is paid via monthly installments and includes automatic software updates over the life of the subscription. With the purchase of one license, O365 covers fully-installed, always-up-to-date Office apps that can be used on five phones, tablets, and computers per subscription 

O365 also includes web versions of Office applications which allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously. Files saved on its web version applications are easily shareable and stored through its SharePoint and OneDrive applications. 

Microsoft O365 offers a multitude to help streamline business.

Why You Should Consider Microsoft O365 

Now you know the features of Microsoft O365, but why should you consider migrating your infrastructure to it? Let’s look at the benefits of migrating to the cloud for your business 

Through interviews, surveys, and data aggregation, market research company Forrester concluded Office 365 has a significant financial impact on business users and their companies. For example, Forrester reported an organization using Office 365 can save $103,651 on average over a three-year period. In addition, between hardware, software, and IT labor savings; increased worker efficiency using mobile technology; and a reduction in control and compliance costs, organizations can benefit with a 154% ROI using O365.   

On the other hand, Microsoft’s latest version of its productivity suite Microsoft 2019 is a one-time purchase of on-premises infrastructure that is solely only usable on the device it was installed on. While Microsoft 2019 includes the latest versions of its office applications and routine security updates at the time of purchase, customers are unable to upgrade freely when new O365 features and upgrades are released. Thus, Microsoft O365 is much more economically sufficient and practical for any company looking to streamline its business’s internal and external communications and save on their costs. 

Migrate to O365 with the Help from DoubleHorn  

As professional cloud service brokerage, we understand how overwhelming migrating to the cloud can be for companies. At DoubleHorn, we can help your business migrate to Office 365 from on-premises infrastructures such as Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Google Mail starting with a complimentary assessment from our cloud experts. 

We have the technical expertise and proven background of helping organizations migrate to the cloud with our Cloud SaaS contract through the Department of Information Resources. Our customers can leverage our expert knowledge, technical skills, and certifications as they seamlessly migrate from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.   

Contact DoubleHorn for more information on migrating your business to Microsoft O365 today