Storm or Rain, your Business is Intact with Cloud Disaster Recovery

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Let us this time talking about a very important aspect that your business needs to look into – Cloud Disaster Recovery. Generally perceived to be a costly affair to back up all the data and replicate it onto a server to be used in an event of a natural calamity or a disaster, small to medium scale businesses hitherto have found it pretty difficult to implement. However, cloud has come to your rescue. As the title goes, storm, rain or whatever, your business will function normally when your data is migrated to the cloud.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery has been gaining significant traction over the past few years owing to increased significance attached to continuing business and the multiple benefits cloud technology offers. It ensures that your data is secure and recoverable. Moreover, its scalable and you can replicate your data on multiple cloud servers that are located in multiple locations. By adopting a cloud disaster recovery provision, you always have your backup and recovery assets on the standby, but you only pay for them as and when you need and them and only for as long as you need them. Benefits offered by cloud disaster recovery provision include unlimited scalability option with nearly no up-front provisioning; a reliable and secure infrastructure for all requirements; on-demand access to additional infrastructure like servers; real-time replication of data and information; cross-platform replication of software and hardware in order to simplify the replacement of damaged assets; and more importantly a pay-per-use model.

Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain with cloud disaster recovery offering:

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Significant benefit, especially for SMBs, cloud-based disaster recovery offering, entails very little capital expense and facility of predictable subscription pricing  ensures the lower total cost of ownership

Speedy Implementation: Rapid deployment of services within a few minutes with configuration wizards and set-up wizards.

Enhanced Data Protection: Backed by industry-leading security and encryption practices, your data is extremely safe. Backup to the cloud assures enhanced protection and easy recoverability of important enterprise data.

Lowers your Energy Consumption: You are literally freed from the need to maintain large server rooms and thereby allow you to cut down on energy bills and also allows you to contribute in lowering the carbon footprint by leveraging the service offered by a proven cloud service provider.

Scalability and Agility: Given the fact that the service is cloud-based, scaling up or scaling down your storage capacity as per your requirement is fast and easy.

Ease of Use: Cloud-based BDR solutions have easy-to-operate user interfaces and web-based management interfaces enabling you to easily manage and maintain services. Service providers take up the responsibility of managing and upgrading services allowing you to concentrate on other important issues.