Softphone Technology Taking Root

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 2 minutes

Softphone Technology has come a very long way in recent years.
Small to medium sized enterprises are choosing to use softphones as a cheaper, more efficient replacement for regular desktop phones.
A soft-phone (software telephone) is an application that enables voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone calls from computing devices. Soft-phones are sometimes referred to as soft clients.

Recently, they have been gaining a lot of popularity in the small to medium sized businesses mainly because their reliability. Softphones also reduce the cost of calls to virtually nothing. This technology has a number of advantages for the end user. The goal of soft-phone technology is to better connect an organization’s members and its customers and create more opportunity for mobility and collaboration through direct communication.

There are 6 key factors why businesses are moving to softphone technology:

  • Cheaper long distance calls: Softphone long distance calls cannot compare in price. Instead of charging for minutes or charging huge amounts for a single call as in the case of a landline, you can opt for 1 of the many available softphone packages best suitable for you and your organization that can make long distance calls cheaper.


  • Free local calls: You can benefit from internet calling by just registering your account and installing the software. Presto! You are now ready to start dialing local numbers at no cost. On the contrary, the so-called free calls of your landline require you to pay the minimum amount to retain the services.


  • No hardware or wires: The main advantage of softphones is that there aren’t any wires hanging around or hardware to install and maintain. Only simple software needs to be installed on the computer. This frees up the space on your desktop and you don’t have to worry about tripping over wires. Its also very easy to implement and deploy.


  • Flexibility to retain the same number even on the move: If you or your employees travel around to various places, you don’t have to keep changing your number. The same number can be retained anywhere and everywhere.


  • International affordability: If you’ve ever made an overseas call from your landline, you would know what we are talking about-  international call rates are so high! Softphone again wins over traditional landlines in this aspect in that they cost anywhere from nil to a few dollars for making an international call.


  • Productivity: If you have employees that need to be mobile then softphones is the way to go. They free up employees and they are not desk-locked. They can resume business when they are away from their desk and the end user would never know it.

Take advantage of this technology that is based on advanced VoIP technology and the wide range of benefits it offers. Soft-phones could replace conventional telephones entirely in the near future. Softphones also prove to be extremely cost effective, because there are no data charges associated with the soft-phone apart from the Internet usage fees.

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