Small Businesses vs Big Businesses

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I want to start this article off by dispelling the myth that it’s “SAFER” to choose large carriers over smaller carriers. You may assume that large businesses have better systems in place and will stick around longer.  However, this is not necessarily true. Recent economic woes have demonstrated that giant companies suffer when they lose touch with the granularity of their businesses.

There are so many more benefits of a smaller carrier than a large one. Often times, in an effort to cut expenses, the giants will make significant compromises in quality and service. I can say with absolute certainty that value of an individual customer is always greater for small businesses than for large corporations. Small businesses that we patronize are more in touch with our needs and go the extra mile to tailor solutions that may not be part of the menu. Small businesses are able to tune into our needs and adapt as necessary.

Benefits of Choosing a Smaller Telecom Provider

  1. Service is person to person. No long on hold times and virtually no phone recordings. You get a live person that is ready to assist you.
  2. Small businesses can make decisions and implement changes faster than large chain businesses, better adapting to the local environment.
  3. As proven by poll data, people trust small businesses. Customers feel as if they’re less likely to be forgotten and are more important to the “Mom and Pop” shop around the corner. This trust keeps clients coming back, bringing repeat sales
  4. In a small company, each person is more likely to fully understand his job duties, making each worker accountable for his performance. Gaining the customer better service.
  5. Being close to the customer is important for success in business, and a small business is frequently much closer to the customer than a large one. A small business can meet with the customer more frequently and develop more of a personal relationship than a large company. A large company has many layers and departments and often has procedures that prevent close contact with the customer. Customer complaints can be handled faster and on a more personal level in a small company, making long-term customer relations easier and more profitable.


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