Webinar: Six Steps For Migrating Your Organization To The Public Cloud

Read Time: 6 minutes

About This Webinar:

Don Mackenzie Solution Architect at DoubleHorn, discusses the six steps for migrating to the public cloud. Providing answers to common concerns and tips for success to help your business implement a successful cloud migration.

Many businesses have started to embraced cloud computing as an efficient and cost-effective way to scale their organization. In today’s software-centric world, more and more enterprises are migrating to the cloud—and for good reason! Here at DoubleHorn, we think that having a well-defined cloud migration strategy in place is imperative for a successful migration.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The six major cloud transformation phases
  • Tips for success when migrating enterprise apps to the cloud
  • Insights into the concerns that CIOs and IT leaders have
    when migrating to the cloud
  • The importance of billing assumption after a successful migration
  • Learn how to accurately collect metrics from any cloud environment in a uniform way.

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About the Presenter:

Don Mackenzie

Solutions Architect

Don has a robust Cloud skillset and always delivers in a timely manner. Previously, he was a Senior Technical Consultant with Computer Services Inc. where he architected public and private cloud systems for the banking industry. He has also led projects for ExxonMobil, and numerous AMLAW100 law firms.

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