SIP Trunking For Energy Industry

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Oil and gas companies can be very complex operations and when it comes to communications, it is very important for such companies to stay in constant contact with field workers and headquarters. DoubleHorn has a very flexible solution to fit the oil and gas industry’s needs.

The New SIP Trunk Offering: Hosted SBCsKen Bussell, Vice President Technology for Summit Midstream Partners said: “We needed a communications solution that would deliver high quality for our highly mobile workforce while taking advantage of our existing communications network to save costs,”.  DoubleHorn was able to tailor a SIP trunking solution to fit their needs.

SIP trunking allows employees working in remote parts of the country to stay connected and productive at all times. SIP trunks provide a secure, efficient way to communicate and are much more cost-effective than traditional telephony models.

Benefits of SIP


  • Converge your local, long distance and broadband Internet services onto a single pipe with dynamic bandwidth allocation.
  • Reduce toll charges on long distance calls and eliminate them on local and on-network calls.
  • Reduce hardware costs and leverage your existing legacy system investment with seamless integration.
  • Leverage dynamic bandwidth allocation to maximize your network.


  • Instantly, incrementally and infinitely scale your business communications as demand dictates, by either decreasing or increasing on demand.

Simplify and Consolidate

  • Bring all of your communication services to one provider with one bill and one point of contact.
  • Choose DIDs from anywhere in the country or globally and serve them to the central PBX simply and efficiently.


  • Disaster recovery is faster and more efficient through the use of our IP network’s distributed architecture. Our trunking features reside in the network and not at the customer’s premises. Therefore, in the event of a disaster, calls can be easily redirected to another unaffected location.

The DoubleHorn SIP trunk solution will also support Avaya, ShoreTel, and Microsoft Lync and other vendors’ PBXs, saving your investment on your current PBX.

DoubleHorn can tailor a SIP trunking solution that fits your organization’s needs. Contact us for a free assessment and quote today.