SIP Trunking For Call Centers

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute
One of the major forces reshaping the call center is the conversion to SIP. SIP Trunking is an IP based technology, therefore it is possible to architect it like other IP services. This gives you more flexibility, redundancy, reliability and failover capabilities. For inbound SIP Trunking, it is possible to share the channels across multiple call center sites and/or locations.
The SIP protocol covers all enterprise communication, not just contact center. However, for many companies, the journey to an all-SIP environment is starting with the call center.
It’s a logical subset of a starting point for two reasons: It’s somewhat isolated from the rest of the enterprise’s telecom usage. It also inherently involves voice traffic coming or going from the PSTN, so there is a good case for significantly lowering telecom costs.
Many call centers are realizing how easy it is to switch from TDM Long Distance to SIP Trunking Long Distance. Call Centers on average save as much as 40% by switching from TDM to SIP Trunking. SIP Trunks allow termination using your current phone system without needing to buy expensive new equipment. DoubleHorn can host this technology for you.
Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) such as DoubleHorn offer SIP Trunking as a part of their call center solutions, along with their VoIP telephony systems. Other SIP applications include conference calls, video calls, multicast, media streams, instant messages, faxes, email and various forms of online data transfer. Popular add-on features can include call recording, caller ID, call routing and call queuing.
If your organization has already invested in a PBX system or simply isn’t ready to migrate your equipment, DoubleHorn can configure SIP Gateways to make your SIP connection possible through your PBX.
DoubleHorn has the ability to customize a solution to fit the specific needs of your call center and has the flexibility to mold to specifications of your contact centers’ criteria.
In short: SIP Trunking is a very pain-free way to cut costs of call centers and DoubleHorn has the solution to fit your need. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote.