Cloud Broadcast

A secure and simple way to communicate to one person, or many, via text, email or voice. Whether your message needs to be heard immediately, or at a scheduled date and time, Cloud Broadcast makes mass outreach a point-and-click operation. There’s is no hardware or software to purchase, install and maintain and subscribers have immediate access to the full complement of capabilities from an intuitive web-based interface. Our Cloud Broadcast service is perfect for private and public-sector organizations that need to instantaneously reach large groups of targeted recipients. Event organizers can reach attendees through text to provide schedule updates; marketers can contact customers via email to promote a sale; and public safety officials could generate emergency alert calls if circumstances merit.


Cloud Broadcast is ideal for these types of organizations:

  • Retail—promotional messages, coupons, chat, polls/surveys
  • Educational institutions—campus safety alerts, closing announcements, parental notifications, institutional advancement, sports team announcements
  • Local and state governments—lost or missing person, crime/criminal alerts, weather notifications, emergency notifications, political messages
  • Medical practices and hospitals—appointment reminders, test results
  • Professional services (legal, financial, real estate, insurance)—open house, deadlines, renewals, recruitment, membership drives
  • Extensive reporting
  • Press-1 to transfer
  • Bring your exported contact list
  • Text-to-speech options
  • Easy to set up “Do not call” list
  • Automatic retries for any call result
  • Customizable messages for answering machines
  • Use your own number for Caller ID
  • Schedule to run at the best time for your clients
  • Customizable messages for all recipients
  • Rent keywords to build opt-in lists
  • Bring your contact list from your CRM
  • Extensive reporting
  • Easy to set up “Do not text” list
  • Simple to manage Auto-replies
  • Schedule to run at the best time for your clients
  • Textable local numbers for rental
  • Send thousands of messages instantly
Standard Support
  • Application subscription setup
  • Initial user training
  • Application performance management and update
  • Security monitoring
  • Access to DoubleHorn’s online support portal,
  • Access to DoubleHorn guides and documentations
  • Demos and tutorials
  • FAQs and technical specifications information
  • DoubleHorn forums and wikis
  • Tier 1 technical support (M-F 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST)
  • Consolidated Services Billing (Customized Billing and Reporting available at an additional charge)

Cloud Softphone

DoubleHorn’s Softphone can be downloaded onto any PC, laptop, tablet, cellphone or other Internet connected device (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Blackberry) and includes the capability of a single number to ring to all devices. Softphone enables small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to connect with customers and colleagues more affordably and in many more ways than with standard desktop telephone service. Additionally, the softphone solution is designed for integration with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, providing SMEs with important customer data and powerful communications capabilities right at their fingertips.

  • Flexible—Works with almost any VoIP gateway provider or office PBX
  • Feature-rich—Includes all the features of a phone managed and used from the desktop, as well as conferencing, recording, and voice commands
  • Simple—Compliant with the Telephony Application Program Interface (TAPI)standard for easy integration with leading CRM suites
Unlimited calling and full Video and Voice features start at just $20.00 / month per user
Voice and Video Calling
  • Make HD voice and video calls and conference calls
  • View, send and receive high-definition (HD) video (720p)
  • Standard telephony features include speakerphone, mute and ability to transfer, forward and hold calls
  • See incoming call alerts
  • Hide your ID for calls
  • Employ “Do Not Disturb” function for audio and video calls
  • Support for voicemail with Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Send and receive Instant Messages in real time
  • See IM alerts for incoming IMs
  • Send instant messages to groups
  • Invite and chat with multiple people in one messaging window (Group Chat via XMPP)
  • Save, view and search previous instant messages in an IM archive
  • Employ “Do Not Disturb” function for blocking incoming Instant Messages
  • Set your presence status so contacts know how and when to get a hold of you best
  • Receive or block notification alerts for contacts’ presence status updates
  • Establish unique privacy rules for your presence status for individual contacts
Enhanced Contact Management
  • Manage, sort and filter up to 3,000 contacts with support for contact avatars
  • Synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook® personal address book (Windows only) or Mac Address Book (Mac only)
  • Create groups for contacts with the ability to place one contact in several groups
  • Set a default contact method for each contact
  • Add a contact during a call
Optimized Interface
  • Focused around your address book, the contact-centric interface gives you more ways to make, receive and manage your calls and IMs
  • Navigate contacts, contact favorites, call history and corporate directory with just a click of your mouse
  • Hide the dial pad when you don’t need it
  • Scale to different sizes to maximize space on your desktop
Advanced Interoperability and Configuration
  • Open standards based
  • Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based signaling for all interactive media sessions
  • Multiple account integration including local or company directories (LDAP/Active Directory), Microsoft Outlook®, and XMPP
  • High compression codec support
  • Zero Touch Configuration of your audio or video devices
  • Support for plug-and-play HID compliant devices
  • Support leading hardware device manufacturers such as Plantronics, GN Netcom, Yealink and others
Security and Network Traversal
  • Advanced security with signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP
  • Firewall traversal and compliance with the latest standards (ICE, STUN, & TURN)


Standard Support
  • Application subscription setup
  • Initial user training
  • Application performance management and update
  • Security monitoring
  • Access to DoubleHorn’s online support portal,
  • Access to DoubleHorn guides and documentations
  • Demos and tutorials
  • FAQs and technical specifications information
  • DoubleHorn forums and wikis
  • Tier 1 technical support (M-F 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST)
  • Consolidated Services Billing (Customized Billing and Reporting available at an additional charge)

Cloud Fax

Save time and money by using your high-speed Internet service to send and receive faxes. DoubleHorn’s Cloud Fax* applications allows you to link your existing fax, copier and scanner devices into your DoubleHorn system so you can take advantage of unlimited local and domestic long distance. Any fax charges are included on the same bill as your phone, Internet and other DoubleHorn services.

  • Use Your Own Multi-Function Fax, Copier and Scanner Devices
  • Keep Your Existing Cord/Line and Fax Configuration
  • No Special Hardware or Desktop Software Required
  • Unlimited Local and Domestic Long Distance
  • Multiple Markets Served with One Fax Line
  • Integrated Within the IPOne™ Managed Bundle for Quality of Service



Professional: $15.00 / month

Business: $20.00 / month

Enterprise: $25.00 / month


Cloud Content Sharing

Cloud Sharing provides a rich collaboration environment for users to manage and share content, such as documents, presentations, wiki content, blogs and more. Cloud Sharing enables virtual teams to share and collaborate on projects, while putting an end to lengthy email chains and lowering the demand on network resources. Access to and security for documents can be controlled and managed, while still enabling teams to quickly communicate and collaborate. Document and collaboration activities can be organized in much the same way as your business is organized. Documents are available to approved users from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

  • Cost-effective—Saves time and money by increasing productivity
  • Customizable—Easily customizable and personalized
  • Collaborative—Work with colleagues on a variety of file formats and manage according to workflows
  • Maintenance free—No provisioning or configuration required, and patches and updates are automatic
  • Highly scalable—Grows as your needs grow
  • User friendly—The intuitive interface speeds adoption and use
  • Share your documents with your colleagues
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Maintain control of your document versions
  • Access your documents from anywhere on the Internet
  • Manage security and access to your documents using permission-based roles
  • Convert document formats automatically (e.g., saving an MS Office document as a PDF)
  • Manage shared calendars
  • Receive alerts and notifications when changes are made or review and approval are required

Business Email Suite

Find out how much more you can accomplish with DoubleHorn’s hosted business-class email solution. DoubleHorn’s Email Suite with Mobile Sync keeps your business moving forward by keeping everyone in the loop. This best-in-class business email solution lets you avoid the cost of installing and maintaining complex software and ensures that you always have secure, reliable access to your business communications, anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of email services, shared calendar and address book services, task management, encryption, support for mobile messaging, and other capabilities designed to enhance productivity.

You’ll save time and money and always have the latest email and collaboration technology at your fingertips. Compare our service with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lotus™ Notes and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can do and how much less it will cost.

Universal Features (provided with all plans)
  • Online Email Management Web Interface
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Address Book
  • Themes

Cloud Database

DoubleHorn’s Cloud Database is a high-performance MySQL database on the cloud delivering faster applications and more transactions per second. Our three delivery options include: Virtual Machine for customers with DBAs who want to manage on their own, Database as a Service (DBaaS) where DoubleHorn hosts and manages the database, and Managed Database where DoubleHorn functions as the hosted, colocation and the user manages the database.


  • Faster applications—high and consistent performance, with container-based virtualization instead of traditional hardware virtualization, high-performance SAN storage, and a high-capacity network.
  • Simple—easily provision your database via an API or the Control Panel.
  • Time-saving—save time through automation of time-consuming tasks such as deployment, configuration, and patching.
  • Scalable—easily scale your database for bigger or smaller memory sizes.
  • Reliable—redundant storage delivers more reliable applications and minimize data loss.
  • Redundant storage protects your data against hardware failure
  • Automated deployments, configuration and patching
  • Uses SAN storage with built-in data replication, for speed and reliability
  • Powerful APIs—Complete Technology Stack—Open Technologies

Cloud Hybrid Backup

Take advantage of the public cloud like it’s a private cloud. The secure Cloud Gateway combines a managed on-premises appliance with cloud infrastructure for reliable cloud migrations. The Cloud Gateway combines the flexibility, security and peace of mind of an on-premises appliance with the benefits of the cloud. The managed appliance for storage and backup resides on premises and is managed by DoubleHorn. Data is backed up to the primary storage appliance on premises and then is uploaded to the cloud during off-peak business hours, minimizing disruption and providing more efficient network utilization.

  • Tested—Pre-integrated, tested and validated by DoubleHorn and technology partner engineers Secures and streamlines use of leading public clouds
  • Robust—Provides a robust backup/restore solution that can handle large jobs
  • Reliable—Provides reliable file-level version control
  • Stable—Stabilizes IT operations for further application migrations to the cloud
  • Cost-effective—Delivers faster backup speeds and faster disaster recovery at a lower cost
  • Flexible—Cloud backups available from any Internet connection and web browser; Windows or Linux based
  • Efficient—Minimal bandwidth needed to capture data

Customer Site

  • Enterprise-class hardware
  • RAID array for redundancy
  • Power redundancy
  • OS configuration
  • Enterprise-class backup software

Managed Services

  • Appliance installation and configuration
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Management and support (5 hours/month)
  • Consolidated billing
  • OS and security patching

DoubleHorn Hybrid Cloud

  • Storage and archival
  • Capacity planning
  • IaaS instance
  • Access to leading IaaS
  • Configuration and setup
  • Monitoring

Cloud Backup

Expect the unexpected and safeguard your business with DoubleHorn’s Cloud Backup solution. We employ the latest cloud technology to backup your organization’s business-critical data to one of our secure data centers. By protecting the important files that your website or application needs, you will be able to recover your data and get back to normal operations quickly after data loss with the ability to rapidly restore files.

After the first backup, additional backups are incremental, which reduces the amount of storage required and associated cost. Protecting your important files and folders takes just minutes since Cloud Backup is integrated with Cloud Servers on our high-capacity network.


  • Cost effective—block-level compression and de-duplication which make backups more efficient and reduces storage costs up to 10-20x compared to traditional uncompressed backups.
  • Fully Automated—automated backup and recovery tasks eliminate the need to manually learn and manage the storage media.
  • Highly Secure—compliant with the privacy rules for HIPAA and GLBA.
  • Fast, Easy Data Recovery 24/7—Safely and off-site, the encrypted data is professionally managed and available online at all times for immediate recovery.
  • All You Need is Internet Access—works seamlessly in any organization’s existing computer infrastructure—no additional hardware is required.
  • No Software Licenses or Hardware to Buy or Manage—on-demand storage capacity and management services designed to quickly enable new or growing applications and data.
  • Automated Online Backup—backups run automatically, transferring your data over the Internet to a secure offsite facility. No tapes to manage.
  • Intuitive, Web-Based Interface—manage your data backups in a familiar environment, just point and click when you need to restore files.
  • Hot Backups—protects mission-critical applications even while they’re in use
  • Guaranteed End-to-End Security—government approved encryption algorithms are used in transit and in storage, ensuring the security of your data. You have exclusive access to the key to decrypt your data—not even DHC can see it.
  • Top-Tier Data Centers—electronic vaults are housed in top-tier data centers—facilities that meet the highest standards for uptime and security.
  • SAS 70 Type II Certification—independent audits confirm our facilities and processes conform to industry standards.
  • File Based Backups—choose specific files and folders to back up.
  • Customizable Schedule—specify when and at what frequency to perform each created backup.
  • Optional AES-256 Encryption—choose to use our optional AES-256 encryption with an encryption key that only you know. Your data is encrypted before it leaves the server and remains safely encrypted while stored.
  • Compression and De-Duplication—automatic compression and de-duplication, increasing backup efficiency and reducing storage space used.
  • Restore Backed Up Data—restore an entire backup or specific files and folders from any previous backup. Restore backups to the originating Cloud Server or any Cloud Server running the backup agent.
  • Monitoring—monitor current and historical activity for each of your backups
  • Customizable Retention—keep versions of the file changed since last backup for 30 days, 60 days, or indefinitely.
  • Email Notifications—setup to receive an email when the backup job successfully completes or if the backup job fails to complete.
  • Unlimited Backups—create as many backups as you want without any limits on the size of each backup.
  • Auto-enabled with a Managed Cloud Service Level—effortless backups when you sign up for a Managed Cloud Service Level. Your Cloud Servers come preconfigured to back up standard system configuration files.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a cost-effective solution for storing information in the cloud that eliminates the burden of provisioning and managing hardware. Cloud Storage provides a highly scalable, reliable and inexpensive data storage infrastructure that enables dependable storage, backup and recovery solutions.

  • Pay as you grow—Control your costs by buying only what you need when you need it with the convenience of consolidated, utility-based billing
  • Maintenance free—No provisioning or configuration required, and patches and updates are automatic*
  • Secure—A multilayer approach to security ensures the safest handling of your data using encryption, file-level security and the industry’s best practices
  • Reliable—Set automatic backup and restore services
  • Scalable—Elastic capacity to scale up or down as needed
  • Optimized—Count on superior performance with fast reads/writes
  • Purchase, provision and manage from a singular web interface interface
  • Drag-and-drop feature to easily select and upload files
  • Anytime, anywhere file access using a browser, remote client or terminal
  • Performance management tools enable space and usage monitoring

Cloud Server

Our Cloud Server provides a simple, cost effective cloud-based infrastructure solution that can grow as your business grows. Cloud servers are on-demand, virtual Linux and Windows servers, providing complete control with root access, the ability to add data and applications, and the ability to control access. Can be fully managed or self managed.

  • Cost-efficient—Offering low, utility-based pricing with no up-front expenses
  • Agile and elastic—Allowing you to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate
  • Secure—Durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits
  • Convenient—Can be fully managed or self-managed
  • Flexible—Support for multiple operating systems, including multiple versions/distributions of Linux and/or multiple versions of Microsoft Windows
  • High-performance—With configuration options that give you the best price/performance ratio
  • Turnkey—Offers point-and-click ordering and provisioning through our Cloud Services Marketplace, which lets you build a complete server solution in just a few minutes, ready to go and fully activated
  • Built entirely with RAID 10-protected, data-center-grade SSDs
  • Featuring powerful Intel® Xeon® processors
  • 40 Gigabits per second of highly available network throughput to every host machine
  • Powered by OpenStack, the world’s leading open-source cloud operating system
  • Provision Cloud Servers in minutes, to quickly scale capacity up and down
  • Manage servers yourself or upgrade to a Managed Cloud Service Level to let us help