Security and Risk Management, Cloud services and Consolidation Emerge as the Top Priorities of CIOs in 2016

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Security and Risk Management, cloud services and consolidation have emerged as the top priorities of CIOs for the year 2016 as per a recent survey conducted by National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). As is the case over the past few years, security and risk management continue to occupy the top spot, followed by the continued interest in cloud services and consolidation and optimization. The top priorities of CIOs are as follows:

1. Security and Risk Management

2. Cloud Services

3. Optimization/Consolidation

4. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

5. Legacy Modernization

6. Enterprise vision and Roadmap for IT

7. Budget and Cost control

8. Talent Management/Human Resources

9. Agile and Incremental Software Delivery

10. Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity

Looking at these priorities from a CIOs perspective, technology is the major driving factor behind the significant changes that are being ushered in the IT landscape. Taking into account the aforementioned top priorities of CIOs, let’s see how each of them stack up from a cloud service provider’s perspective.

  • Security and Risk Management: Increasing security concerns raised by the customers are being effectively addressed using the state-of-the-art technology to safeguard the mission-critical data. Despite the lingering threats of hacking, the continuous upgradation of security systems will ensure maximum security to sensitive data.
  • Cloud Services: Latest advancements in cloud services and cloud technology is ushering a never before ease of managing and storing data and service providers are using the latest in cloud technology to offer customers a seamless cloud experience.
  • Optimization/Consolidation: Optimization of resources is among the most crucial aspects for any company to streamline processes and achieving superior results. Using the latest technology, providers help your businesses to better optimize the resources thereby maximizing your efficiency.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics: By applying BI and Analytics within the enterprise, service providers communicate, build expertise, explore big data and analyze data and deliver shared services as well.
  • Legacy Modernization: Replacing the existing legacy systems to suit the demands of today’s challenges is a cumbersome issue and cloud providers, with their advanced systems help you migrate all your legacy applications and systems into the cloud in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.
  • Enterprise Vision and Roadmap for IT: Cloud service providers help you visualize a roadmap for IT, help you understand that IT is a strategic capability and envisions your enterprise vision in line with the Governor’s policy agenda.
  • Cost Control: A top priority among the companies, cost control is a crucial aspect. Leveraging the power of cloud the ease it offers, service providers offer you the latest products at a fraction of the costs in comparison to owning them and therefore aid you in controlling the budget.
  • Talent management/ Human resources: Using the latest in technology results in the effective management of manpower and also help in acquiring the best talent.
  • Agile and Incremental Software Delivery: Cloud service providers adopt the newest and incremental development of software and offer you the most sophisticated software that will bring in more efficiency in your organization.
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: Service providers also help your business to resume its normal routine even in the instance of an unforeseen circumstance. Choosing the hosted services of a service provider assures lesser turnaround time and minimum downtime.

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