We advise you on selecting the right cloud solution and provide you with ongoing support to maintain that solution

Public Cloud

    The portal gives you a simplified accounting of your full lifecycle management and current workload. It also provides you with a single platform where you can interact with multiple cloud products.


    Our proprietary tools provide customized, data-driven reports for your workloads and multi-cloud usage. Gain visibility into your deployment and the ability to measure benchmarks on progress to give you more insight into how your multi-cloud solution works together.


    Our cloud experts give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions with your budget in mind. We show you the configuration errors, excess services, and rogue instances that contribute to higher bills.

Capabilities of Public Cloud Services

Our Cloud Service Brokerage adds value to your organization’s use of cloud services. As your broker, we track your billing to keep your spend within budget.

Capabilities of Public Cloud Services

Our Public Cloud Service Brokerage adds value to your organization’s use of cloud services. As your broker, we track your billing to keep your spend within budget.


You want to know all your options when managing the cloud ranging from performance to cost. We are familiar with all the major cloud providers and consider all options on behalf of our clients. We present to you the best options so you can make the best choice.


Service intermediation brokerages augment and support any existing cloud services such as security reporting, billing consolidation, and initial consulting. We help you find the best match to suit your needs from the appropriate cloud providers. Cost is an important part of this process so our clients know their financial concerns are being actively considered.


Aggregation helps build the right solution using more than one platform. We provide user interfaces to interact with to track KPIs, manage billing and interact with contracts. We also provide services or tools which augment the services offered by the providers to fill gaps and special needs.

Benchmark and Safeguard Your Cloud Environment

Benchmark and Safeguard Your Cloud Environment

We help transform your business using a deep understanding of the market. Our experts keep you informed and help you save money with meaningful insights and proprietary data. Having an unbiased partner reduces your risk and creates more robust security. Our data-driven analytics provide you with more visibility into your deployment and the world of cloud at large. We help you streamline your selection process and arm you with the knowledge you need for policy enforcement. The cloud marketplace is becoming more diverse each day, with a wide array of services available. From infrastructure to software platforms, there are an overwhelming amount of cloud choices. You take the bull by the horns when you partner with a unified provider who can unite various services, standards, and platforms.

DoubleHorn is uniquely positioned to offer a range of Cloud Brokerage Services. We help you select the right solution, aid in implementing it and provide ongoing support to maintain it. Our single-source billing platform enables ease of use throughout the process.


As a Cloud Services Brokerage, our relationships with the top cloud providers are as important as the relationships we have with our clients. We are continuously building our rapport with the major industry players to help bring simplicity to the cloud market. Having quality functioning relationships with a variety of providing partners allows us to pass on an array of solutions at a competitive price.


Our specialists are constantly learning and adapting to a changing market. We stay abreast of shifts in the field and comprehensively examine industry forces. Your concerns inform how we approach common problems. We continuously explore chatter from industry leaders, weighing trends against our data-driven analytics. Top priorities for CTOs across the board, such as security and compliance, remain our static drivers.


To ensure your long-term success, we start with an across the board consideration of your business objectives. Evaluating the past plays a critical role in realizing the future. Our goal is to help you lower your current spend so you can focus resources on achieving your goals. The data-driven tools developed by our team let you track and analyze your cost so that you can do just that. Every piece of guidance we provide is rooted in accomplishing your business plans.


We routinely review your cloud instance for effectivity. To do so, we weigh your end goals against your target spend. By monitoring trends and market forces, we can help you identify opportunities for optimization. Staying up to date with the industry allows us to deliver intelligent billing. Tailored to your accounting needs, our single source billing experience saves you money and increases your ease of use.


Our multi-platform support is ideal for clients who desire a personal experience. We shape our support program to meet your needs and ensure that you’re utilizing the cloud effectively. As an unbiased partner, we mitigate your risks against outages, alert you of critical changes, and monitor your bills to keep your spend on track. Your success leads to our success, so we seize every chance to help you run your deployment right.


Our experts bring you two key areas of knowledge – the technical know-how of IT professionals, plus the intrapersonal insights of brokers. We use our knowledge of billing, governance, and security to navigate complex business relationships. Our team has spent years learning the nuts and bolts of the industry to ensure the best outcomes for you.

Download the “Data Security and The Public Cloud” Infographic

Download the “Data Security and The Public Cloud” Infographic

Download our guide and learn the in’s and out’s of public cloud data security and how you can protect your business data.

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