Public Agencies: Optimize Your Budget with this Cloud Transformation Methodology

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Looking to optimize your budget? The Cloud Transformation Methodology is the solution for you!

The amount of data available is growing at an astronomical rate.  

“Digital data will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 42% through 2020. In the 2010-2020 decade, the world’s data will grow from about 1ZB in 2010 to about 50ZB in 2020,” according to  IDC Research  

According to IBM90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years.” 

At that growth rate, on-premises infrastructure’s lack of scale prevents it from handling all of that data. On the other hand, cloud computing is more adaptable and is scaled to keep up with future demand. This demand for data presents a huge challenge to the public sector. 

Whether it’s a city planning department handling an influx of new residents or an electoral division preparing for election day, it’s extremely important that the public sector understands their intended use for the cloud. Due to its complexity and different functionalities, many public-sector agencies mistakenly purchase cloud products they don’t necessarily need, affecting their budget optimization.  

Often times, public agencies have to submit change order requests because they either ordered a costly cloud product insufficient for their needs or they’re short on data storage and are in need of an upgrade in storage capacity. Change orders are expensive in terms of monetary costs and opportunity costs and with a fixed budget in place, this can become costly and detrimental for any governmental department.  

In addition, submitting a change order requires significant lead time needed to revert back, purchase, and deploy a new cloud product. As a result, now more of the agency’s budget will be spent just to purchase a second product when the organization could have purchased a more suitable cloud product in the first place. 

Public agencies can avoid wasteful budget spend by purchasing through a cloud broker. Cloud brokers are experts in cloud consultation and migration, who can help guide governmental agencies with their cloud purchases.  

As a leading cloud consulting firm, DoubleHorn lays out a clear path of how the public sector can successfully migrate to the cloud and in return optimize their budget spend.  

Design a Strategic Cloud Plan

Long before a public organization purchases a cloud computing product, it’s crucial they lay out a strategic plan. Public agencies must know their goals, needs, and use for the cloud will be.   

Is your department looking for more storage? How frequently, if at all, is the data likely to be accessed? When needed, how quickly will it need to be available? Should your agency consider a virtual firewall for your cloud data? Which cloud provider’s product fits your needs best and is within your budget?  

Many public sector organizations are unaware of the different types of cloud products available and their uses. With a lack of cloud computing knowledge, often times public organizations resort to the most common storage products by way of name recognition, assuming these products will solve their problems. 

As mentioned earlier, without the proper due diligence, many public organizations make change order requests for new cloud products which proves to be costly, wasteful, and inefficient. To avoid change orders, cloud customers can schedule a consultation with one of our cloud experts so that we can get a better understanding of your organization’s needs and direct you to the right product.

At DoubleHorn, we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach when helping your agency migrate to the cloud. We understand that every governmental agency is structured differently and requires different technology. DoubleHorn has agreements with six different cloud providers which gives a variety of options to all types of cloud customers. In addition, a cloud broker can help public agencies operate using a multi-cloud strategy. A multi-cloud strategy helps organizations with cost savings and prevents vendor lock-in. Public agencies can then have the benefit of using cloud technology from different cloud providers for different purposes. 

Purchase and Deploy Cloud Product

Once your agency has laid out a strategic plan, then it’s time to purchase your cloud product. During your consultation, we will assist you with the products you need to fit your needs after getting a better understanding of your agency’s use for the cloud. DoubleHorn provides a variety of resources to help cloud shoppers determine which products and services will suit their needs best.  

One of those resources is the Cloud Pricing Tool, a service that lists products from the three biggest cloud providers. Customers can drag and drop and compare products between the different providers within three product lines: block storage, object storage and compute.  

Each product’s price is listed with its standard per month charge from the providers. We also show an exclusive per month price which we can help you get through discounts and proper packaging options. We know the importance for customers to stay within their allotted budget but also meet their goals using the cloud.  

For example, a state’s electoral department will need to make sure it has the appropriate cloud products to keep up with the demand on election day. In order to keep up with the demand, an electoral department will need to increase its compute, storage, and network speed just to handle the workload of election day. If an electoral department is currently using Amazon S1 but knows they will need more storage space to keep up with the demand on election day, DoubleHorn can advise which products to upgrade to.  

By having the appropriate cloud products, an electoral department can avoid the devastating cost of a website crash on one of the most important days of the year. By purchasing their cloud product ahead of time, an electoral department can optimize its budget spend accordingly.  

Operate and Maintain Your Cloud

One of the major reasons why the public sector is slower to adopt to the cloud than the private industry is strict security and privacy compliance it must abide by. With confidential information about the public at stake, security becomes the number one concern for the public sector.  

DoubleHorn takes pride in its compliance consulting after having implemented solutions for many different Texas, federal, municipal, and other public agencies that meet Texas Department of Information Resources’ (DIR) requirements. Our two DIR contracts – Cloud SaaS and Cloud Service Brokerage – are recognized and accepted in 46 states, allowing public agencies to efficiently move along the contract negotiation process.

Aside from compliance, there are other ways that DoubleHorn can help you protect your cloud data. We make your cloud security our number one priority. DoubleHorn’s security assessment analyzes your physical security vulnerability, facility accessibility, network inventory scans, penetration testing and dictionary attacks.

Measure Cloud Results 

DoubleHorn can help public agencies lower their monthly cloud bill with its data-driven tools customized to monitor and analyze cloud spend optimization. With DoubleHorn’s customer billing portal, public agencies can compare their cloud usage and spend on a month to month basis. The portal allows customers to know percentage increases or decreases in their bill from the previous month and discover what caused those changes.   

The portal includes any new products that were added for the month which may have impacted the customer’s bill. As mentioned earlier, it’s important for public agencies to know that your department may require additional cloud products depending on the time of year which will result in a higher bill. Our customer portal will inform your itemized costs. 

In addition to current monthly costs, agencies can look back at their historical spend of their cloud bill from previous months and past years. This allows agencies to understand which months are the costliest for their organization. 

By going with a cloud broker, not only will agencies successfully migrate to the cloud, but with DoubleHorn’s customer portal, they will be able to measure results and make strategic adjustments to their previous budget spend on the cloud.  

After successfully measuring results from the customer portal, public agencies can continue the cloud migration cycle and re-strategize their cloud computing approach for the next fiscal year. 


Cloud computing has significantly changed over a short period of time after its first introduction in 2006 with Amazon’s release of the Elastic Compute Cloud. Since then, new products are launched every year from multiple cloud providers, that serve different organizations’ needs.  Cloud computing is a rapidly evolving and complex mechanism that can be difficult to understand by the general public. 

As a premier cloud consulting firm, DoubleHorn leverages cloud technologies and offers the variety from leading cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Rackspace to deliver public IT cloud solutions. 

In addition, we offer a full range of services for public agencies looking to migrate to the cloud including assessments, strategy and planning, implementation, migrations, and ongoing cloud management. With our services and our cloud migration cycle, public agencies will be able to optimize their budget more accordingly and avoid the devastating costs of change orders.