Nutanix + Google: Hybrid Match Made in Heaven?

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Hybrid deployments consist of a mix of on-premise systems and cloud-based applications and storage, which many organizations are using–but few have a system to help manage deployments across different types of infrastructure. With this in mind, web giants like Google and Amazon have been moving towards streamlined hybrid deployments for several years for example last year Amazon Web Services announced a deal with VMware to support hybrid cloud.

Google is the latest cloud provider to make a big move into the hybrid space. On June 28th, they announced the beginning of a strategic partnership with Nutanix, an enterprise cloud company known for selling so-called hyper-converged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage. The goal of this partnership, as stated by Google, is “to help remove friction from hybrid cloud deployments.”

How do they plan to achieve this? Within a year, Google and Nutanix customers will have access to a single interface, which will allow them to manage deployments and workloads across both on-premises environments and the public cloud. This provides a clear benefit for customers who manage application development and testing on their own infrastructure before pushing their application to the cloud. Another benefit, according to Google, is “easing hybrid operations” via the Nutanix Calm solution, which helps automate the provisioning of applications across Nutanix and Google’s Cloud.

Disaster recovery efforts will also be made easier through Nutanix Xi Cloud Services via GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Customers with on-premises datacenters can use the cloud for their disaster recovery, providing a reliable cloud-based backup in case of an outage.

“Multi-cloud IT strategies require much more than today’s first generation hybrid cloud architectures, which force companies to provision and manage separate IT silos,” said Sunil Potti, chief product and development officer for Nutanix (as quoted by The Register).

This isn’t Nutanix’s first partnership. TechTarget reports that at the 2017 Nutanix. NEXT conference, hardware companies like Dell EMC, Lenovo, and IBM all took the stage to tout the benefits of their systems that run Nutanix software.

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