AUSTIN, TX – May 1, 2018 — Liftr News and DoubleHorn have released their new customer tool, the Liftr Cloud Regions Tool. The tool is available on as well as via a link on the DoubleHorn Tools submenu at 

The tool was developed with the intent of comparing the global spread and density of cloud provider regions and zones. With the launch of the new tool, DoubleHorn hopes to enable more accurate comparisons between the major providers.

“We’re excited to share this data analysis tool with our cloud decision makers in Europe or India as well as those in the US, because it displays data that we already have, interpreted in and novel and informative way.” Said DoubleHorn Director of Product Drew Bixby. “We find this information interesting and useful, and we know our users will as well.”

The Liftr Cloud Regions Tool has several key functions, the most prominent of which is the ability to segment visual markers on a global map by the major provider. Users can choose to enable all providers, or choose any number of providers to compare. The icons themselves can be clicked on for more details, including the name of cloud zones.


the new cloud regions tool will allow cloud decision makers to easily see the geographic layout of cloud regions and zones


Additional information available in the new tool includes redundancy, a key piece of information for companies that can’t afford a service interruption in the case of fire or flood, as well as compute costs per core, compute costs per 8-core, and compute cost as measured by the Liftr Index. 

The tool is fully integrated with DoubleHorn’s existing Cloud Pricing Tool, which aggregates and organizes cloud pricing costs across Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services among others. 


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