Austin, TX — December 1, 2017— DoubleHorn, an Austin-based cloud solutions provider, and services broker, has released the DoubleHorn Marketplace, an interactive cloud pricing tool designed to provide transparency and eliminate guesswork when evaluating costs for cloud services. The Marketplace is live on the DoubleHorn website as of today, December 1, 2017.

DoubleHorn’s Marketplace is a cost estimation tool designed to help understand pricing models and enables users to compare services based on price and key characteristics. Visitors to the site are able to see instant pricing options customized to the three major cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. The pricing options include the retail price as well as DoubleHorn’s exclusive pricing.

“We’ve frequently heard from our customers that searching among the cloud providers is a painful process. We designed this tool to help navigate the increasingly complex cloud space,” said Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn. “We feel strongly that transparent pricing is something that all visitors to our website should have access to whether or not they are customers.”

The interactive Marketplace is a free feature developed via DoubleHorn’s brokerage services. Visitors to the DoubleHorn website can narrow options from the thousands of offerings currently available across multiple providers, quickly finding the right services for their personal or business needs. The cost estimation tool provides a realistic projection of estimated monthly expenses. A custom report can be downloaded into a PDF.

Along with traditional brokerage services, DoubleHorn also offers planning and cloud migration services including tracking and monitoring finances so that customers stay on track from start to finish.

About DoubleHorn

Austin, Texas-based DoubleHorn is a leading Cloud solutions provider and services broker founded in 2005. DoubleHorn is dedicated to helping companies navigate technology transformations using their Cloud brokerage and management platform. Learn more about DoubleHorn’s services at

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The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has awarded a new contract. The second consecutive DIR contract that allows DoubleHorn to continue providing cloud services brokerage for providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud, and others.Liftr’s analysis metrics feature allows users to view Liftr Index data by provider in selected time frames. The data reveals trends for each provider such as how Google is slowly working to catch up with AWS and Azure.