AUSTIN, TX – JUNE 21ST, 2018 – DoubleHorn, a cloud solutions provider and cloud services brokerage, is proud to announce the addition of Paul Teich for the newly formed position of Principal Analyst.

Addition of The DoubleHorn Principal Analyst Position:

DoubleHorn has not formally launched its new cloud industry analysis program; however, it plans to roll out the new addition in the second half of 2018. The cloud industry analysis program will focus on DoubleHorn’s Liftr News data analytics and DoubleHorn’s analytical strategy for Cloud Service Brokerage. Paul will also work with product management for market strategy and Liftr News subscribers content.

“We are thrilled to have Paul join the DoubleHorn Team.  Paul’s skill-sets and proven accomplishments further support our investment and commitment to world-class data analytics and specialty research.” – Tab Schadt, DoubleHorn CEO

Paul will be responsible for the development and execution of DoubleHorn’s and Liftr News’ data monetization as well as:

  • Developing and maintaining IT strategic and operational performance metrics, reporting, trending and dashboarding.
  • Writing data-driven research reports identifying key trends and root cause metrics, leading and lagging indicators.
  • Generating forward-looking analyses and insights about AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba and more, from latest releases to usage information on their existing products.
  • Provide valuable data marketing can use for Whitepapers and Infographics.

Paul has been a leading data center industry analyst for six years, evenly split between TIRIAS Research and Moor Insights & Strategy. Paul has spoken at many industry events and has been a contributing author at Forbes/Tech and The Next Platform.

Paul was also previously a key member of AMD’s server processor team in the 2000s and product manager of a web service at the height of the first internet bubble. Paul holds a BS in Computer Science from Texas A&M and an MS in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business. Paul received 12 US patents while working in marketing and strategy roles.

“Paul is going to add a fourth dimension to our business model by monetizing our cloud brokerage data through insights and business intelligence”- Uttam Reddy, DoubleHorn VP of Sales and Marketing

DoubleHorn recently launched their newly designed website, which highlights their Cloud Brokerage Services with some of the top cloud providers of 2018. Additionally, DoubleHorn recently announced the launch of their new tool “The Cloud Regions Map” on their sister company site Liftr News. Liftr News’ Cloud Regions tool is a fully interactive, live map that guides companies migrating to the cloud by showing data visuals for cloud optimization. The tool aggregates and organizes regional information from the major cloud providers and displays it all in one place by zones, redundancy, compute costs by core or by index, and is calculated using a proprietary algorithm.

About DoubleHorn:

Austin, Texas-based DoubleHorn is a leading Cloud solutions provider and services broker founded in 2005. DoubleHorn is dedicated to helping companies navigate technology transformations using their Cloud brokerage and management platform. Learn more about DoubleHorn’s services on their website.

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