Natural Disaster Data Loss

Read Time: 1 minute

Locations around the world are regularly and often affected by natural disasters. These catastrophic events have been responsible for countless data loss.

Since we have no way of controlling these events there are many best practices to protect and secure your data that your organization should consider to guard against data loss. To this day and likely until the planet is no longer able to support life as we know it, various disasters will continue to occur and your company’s data may be at risk.

The location of data backup is very important. Onsite storage is used for the speedy recovery of backed-up data, but single-site storage alone will not form a robust disaster recovery plan. Employing remote or offsite storage adds a layer of redundancy and added security to data backup disaster recovery plans.

Most organizations would agree that data is the lifeblood of a business. It is therefore essential to take steps to address the security of this most valuable asset, especially as the volume of data grows over time.

Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services offer operational and financial benefits that are particularly attractive to professional practices. Some companies generally have a very limited IT staff, so it is difficult to architect, implement and manage their own remote backup or disaster recovery capabilities. A hosted solution managed by a team of experts really comes in handy for these types of companies.

DoubleHorn can tailor a data backup and recovery cloud solution so when Mother Nature’s temper flairs you can rest assured that your data is safe. Contact us today for a free assessment.