Multi-Cloud Management Platforms: Monitor Your Cloud

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Watching the Clouds Float By

Let’s talk about clouds. They’re big, fluffy, and white (compelling stuff, I know). Clouds are also distantnebulous, and unpredictableWith that in mind, “cloud computing” may seem like an especially fitting term, as all too often our cloud services can feel that same way: far away, abstract, and difficult to predict.  

One of the most common hesitations cited by IT administrators that don’t want to move infrastructure to the cloud is a perceived lack of control. This perception, while it may be slightly irrational, is totally understandable. When your server is running on a random virtual machine in a giant warehouse in an unknown location, it can definitely feel like you’re less in controlWhat if the data center experiences a massive power outage or natural disaster? What if a rogue employee backs a forklift into a server rack? Unrealistic disaster scenarios aside, the point is this: even though the cloud provides countless advantages to businesses, there will always be certain things you can’t predict. 

Monitor your Cloud

Thankfully, the solution is simple: monitoring. What’s the best way to manage something that’s far away and hard to predict? You watch it like a hawk, of course! Meteorologists monitor their clouds with weather balloons and Doppler radar. Thankfully, the solutions for monitoring cloud computing services are much easier to procure (though we won’t try and stop you if you want to buy a weather balloon). 

As we’ve described at length in previous blogs, Multi-Cloud Management (MCM) platforms are web-based applications that give users the ability to design, compare, purchase, deploy, monitor, and manage their cloud services from multiple providers. Out of those capabilities, the most fundamental (and probably the most often used) feature is monitoring. If you’re running 20 different cloud services, its crucial to have some sort of dashboard where you can keep an eye on all of them at once. This need is even further amplified when companies utilize cloud services from multiple providers (no one wants to log into three different portals every day to check all of their instances). MCM platforms, like BetterClouds, provide a unified portal where, from a single login, you can monitor all of your services, from all providers, in one location. You can immediately check things like CPU utilization statistics, storage capacity, and open network connections at a glance as soon as you log in, and from there it only takes a click or two to investigate the nitty gritty details of a specific instance. Specialized cloud-centric network monitoring is particularly important in the age of cloud, as migrating to the cloud creates a major shift in an organization’s network traffic which many traditional network monitoring tools won’t interpret correctly. 

And while your IT department is mostly concerned with utilization metrics, Finance is probably more concerned with the billThey’ll be glad to know that the monitoring features of MCM platforms don’t leave out the finance side of the equation. Concerned budgeteers can use their MCM platform to view current costs for the month (for all services combined or any individual service) as well as generate financial reports for any previous time interval. This helps them ensure that their business is getting the performance it needs at the price it planned for. 

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