Move mission-critical IT infrastructure to cloud, gain the winning edge

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After a highly successful first wave, we are seeing a second wave of IT sweeping across the corporate world. This second wave is driven by enterprises, which are increasingly employing cloud technology to manage and optimize its IT infrastructure. Many are moving their infrastructure to cloud.

Acceptance of cloud as an integral part of an enterprise’s business strategy is clear from the fact that enterprises are now letting cloud service providers host mission-critical IT infrastructure. This seems to be the last barrier to have breached by the cloud wave as enterprises have been using the cloud to host non-critical data, applications, and services for long.

Cloud can help reduce cost and offer flexible, easy to use and scalable IT infrastructure to enterprises. Embracing cloud is a smart decision as enterprises can focus on its core activities – product development and market expansion – while the hassles of maintaining and upgrading the IT infrastructure is being taken care of by a cloud service provider.

With its potential to transform businesses, enterprises are constantly looking for new ways to use the cloud to gain a winning edge over others. It is this pursuit of competitive advantage that has triggered enterprises to move mission-critical IT infrastructure to cloud.

In a rapidly digitizing world, where hyper-competition is the norm, cloud service providers help meet the demanding requirements of mission-critical business applications. Apart from security, new cloud technologies can mitigate risks and reduce complexity and cost associated with maintaining mission-critical IT infrastructure.

As cloud technology matures, hosting service providers are acquiring the needed expertise and domain knowledge to meet the entire IT infrastructure requirements of an enterprise. It will be difficult for an enterprise to invest and train resources who can keep pace with the ever-changing world of technology. Domain expertise and specialized knowledge become even more critical if the IT staff of an enterprise were to support and run mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications on-premise. In this scenario, it is cost-effective and efficient to move IT infrastructure to cloud with the help of a reliable cloud service provider.

Hosting mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications in the cloud make it easy for an enterprise to scale up operations as bandwidth requirements will be taken care of by the cloud service provider. In the absence of which, expensive bandwidth will push up the overall operating cost. Similarly, cloud hosting allows enterprises to easily scale down the availability of application as all mission-critical applications need not be available all the time, thereby saving cost.

Besides, the cloud is `green technology.’ It helps an enterprise to save energy and cut down on carbon emissions. By hosting mission-critical IT infrastructure in the cloud, enterprises can support its green initiatives and contribute to saving the environment. A study by CDP shows that by 2020, large US companies employing cloud technology can annually save $12.3 billion in energy cost.

The popularity of cloud hosting services proves that security concerns are no longer valid. Even banks are looking at moving mission-critical data to the cloud.

In a digitized world, mission-critical systems need to be agile and flexible. These systems have to be maintained in a cost-effective manner, without compromising on efficiency. It should be ensured that these systems support business continuity even in the wake of an unplanned event. Cloud helps enterprises to meet all these objectives. Notwithstanding on-premise challenges, enterprises can achieve seamless customer service and competitive edge by hosting mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications in the cloud.

DoubleHorn, along with its strategic partner NaviSite offers to host services to optimize mission-critical IT infrastructure. Their cloud-based solutions can help customers reduce cost and complexity of maintaining on-premise mission-critical IT infrastructure. DoubleHorn and NaviSite are also offering a complimentary Cloud trial for the customers to test Cloud for their business.

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