Webinar: Mitigate Risks And Keep Your Data Safe and Secure In The Cloud

Read Time: 8 minutes

About This Webinar:

Hybrid cloud adoption grew 3 times in the last year, increasing from 19% to 57% of organizations surveyed. With rapid growth comes new challenges. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the risks in various forms of public cloud computing, and hybrid cloud adoptions to fully understand and address the cloud risks.

There are many benefits to cloud computing, however, migrating to the cloud should not be adopted without a thorough understanding of cloud security and how your data will be stored. Trusting valuable data to a cluster of virtual machines to harnessed and perform tasks can seem overwhelming. In this webinar, we will be discussing and addressing common concerns including a discussion of the risks of migrating to the cloud and how to mitigate them. We will break down security concerns and risk mitigation strategies that can help your cloud migration and portfolio and steps to follow to minimize security risks. Learn the differences and the risks of having an on-premises data center versus hosting your data in the cloud.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The six major cloud transformation phases
  • Tips for success when migrating enterprise apps to the cloud
  • Insights into the concerns that CIOs and IT leaders have
    when migrating to the cloud
  • The importance of billing assumption after a successful migration
  • Learn how to accurately collect metrics from any cloud environment in a uniform way.

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Drew Bixby

DoubleHorn Director Of Product

Drew directs where the product is going for the company and why. Among the variety of daily tasks, he guides the development team to meet the immediate needs while keeping the long-term objectives in mind. He ensures everyone understands what we build and why. Drew talks about our personas like old friends. He is someone who takes measured risks. The recovering CPA side of Drew calculates and plans while the decade starting and running his own company draws him forward in uncharted waters.

Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown

Professor of Information Systems Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business

Dr. Griffy-Brown graduated from Harvard University, is a former Fulbright Scholar, and holds a Ph.D. in Technology Management from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. She has worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center and served as a consultant for the United Nation’s Global Environmental Facility and the European Commission. She has published widely including the Journal of Information Technology Management, Technovation and Technology Forecasting and Social Change. She has been a featured speaker sponsored by the US State Department in transitional economies such as Bangladesh and Bulgaria where she has worked with government advisors and heads of state. Charla is also published widely including the Journal of Information Technology Management, Technovation and Technology Forecasting and Social Change.

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