We monitor the billing performance and overall health of your cloud infrastructure for better visibility/span>

Added Support for Your Cloud Services

Added Support for Your Cloud Services

DoubleHorn provides support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Office 365 customers as an alternate or additional support service to those offered by cloud providers. Our support is ideal for customers who desire a personal experience, with quick accessibility to a human being vs. bot interaction.

DoubleHorn monitors the performance and cost of your public cloud solutions and tracks your current cloud spend, utilizing our custom-built CX Portal. Our Support provides you with insight into things like uptime and health of your cloud instances, using them to generate graphs and real-time alerts. Our support package also includes managed cloud security providing insights into things like uptime and health of your cloud instance.

  • Rapid response times for your most critical needs
  • Proactive Notifications on your cloud bills
  • Near real-time costs alerts
  • Automated budget analysis

    For those who are worried about paying for cloud features that they neither need nor want, DoubleHorn’s support services help you by monitoring your usage and spend so that you can take advantage of what the cloud has to offer and ensure cost optimization of your workloads.


    We monitor your cloud environments and deliver customized data-driven reports, alerts, and visualization tools help you identify emergent issues. Gain visibility to ensure high quality for your organization by measuring benchmarks on progress, adoption, and complexity.


    We provide a detailed summary of your full lifecycle management and current workloads. This includes anomaly reporting, pattern detection, and exhaustion prediction. Your summary clues you into longer-term trends that may require attention.

Value-Added Support Services

Our support services are ideal for providing you with a personal experience tailored to meet your needs and to ensure you are utilizing their cloud properly. By monitoring metrics such as response times, billing, and frequency of use we ensure your bottom line is protected.


Our dedicated team will monitor your cloud instance to deliver consolidated, intelligent billing to help save your organization time and money while meeting your accounting requirements.

Reduce Overhead

Reduce monitoring overhead with DoubleHorn’s service and save time with our metrics, dashboards and alerting so you spend less time maintaining disparate systems.


Ensure cost optimization of your workloads. Modify configuration and design to combat over-provisioning, data excess, and rogue instances. All these things contribute to high bills.

Gain Visibility of Your Cloud-Based Infrastructures

Gain Visibility of Your Cloud-Based Infrastructures

We help transform your business with our monitoring services and with meaningful insights and data to keep you informed and help save you time and money! Reduce risk with a more robust security and add value and visibility with data-driven analytics. Our Cloud monitoring is just one element of our managed services but it’s the main component that helps you be better equipped and understand functionality.

Discover and monitor your cloud resources through our customer portal, whether you are running on Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services. Including dashboards for your platform and metrics from these providers, making it easy to understand the relationships between components and monitor auto-scaling clusters. DoubleHorn is uniquely positioned to offer a range of Cloud Brokerage Services including monitoring.


With comprehensive examination, our specialists are constantly learning and adapting to a changing market and exploring what industry leaders have to say about the future for cloud brokers. We’re paving the road to becoming industry leaders ourselves by aligning our business objectives including data security and compliance.


While IT departments have the technical expertise to manage various cloud providers they don’t always understand the business side of the arrangement. We excel in this space by understanding cloud billing, governance, and security. Our highly-skilled team has spent years learning the ins and outs of the industry to deliver the best outcome for our clients.


To ensure long-term success for our clients, we engage in a comprehensive examination of your business that includes evaluating the past and envisioning the future. Our goal is to help you lower your current spend with the data-driven tools our team has developed to monitor and analyze cloud spend optimization.

Do you Really Need a $12,000 Cloud Firewall?

Download Our “Do you Really Need a $12,000 Cloud Firewall?” Infographic

Download Our “Do you Really Need a $12,000 Cloud Firewall?” Infographic

Do you really need a $12,000 firewall for your cloud instance? Download our latest infographic and learn more about firewall protection costs.

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