Make Your Company Look Bigger Than It Is

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Are your customers professionally greeted when they call your company?

For smaller companies and start-ups, an Auto Attendant can provide a much more professional image and make your organization seem bigger than it is. It’s easy to configure professionally recorded greetings that make your business sound big. People, in general, feel more comfortable doing business with companies that have a professional image and appear stable.

For companies that already have a receptionist, an Auto Attendant can serve as a backup during high call volume times or during a lunch break. You will be confident that no call is ever missed.

An Auto Attendant can provide all companies, large and small, with intelligent after-hours messaging, routing calls to the appropriate person (or team of people) for faster response rates and increased revenue. And the voicemail-to-email conversion means that your firm has an additional advantage in getting back to potential customers first.

The Auto Attendant from DoubleHorn offers many features that are not only very helpful but can also make your organization sound much more professional and seem like a bigger company.

  • Welcome callers with a custom company greeting, select a default greeting or get a professionally recorded greeting.
  • Announce employee and department extensions to allow callers to select the appropriate extension. Callers will hear options such as these, for example:

Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Customer Support, press 3 for Shipping…
Press 1 for John Doe, press 2 for Jane Smith…
If you know the number of the party you’d like to reach enter the extension now…

There are many more features that can be configured that fit your specific needs.  Many organizations find it important that their members are accessible but don’t want to give out personal cell phone numbers. Clients can reach you, or any of the key team members, by dialing your main number. From there, DoubleHorn’s Auto Attendant takes care of the rest. The client has no idea if they are talking to you as you sit behind your desk at the office, or in an airport waiting for a plane.

To find out how Auto Attendant can make your communications seamless, contact us today for a free assessment and quote.

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