It’s Time to Move to the Cloud. Now What?

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You’ve decided to move to the cloud for your organization.  Now what?  Whether you are working towards running a pilot for your first cloud, you are looking to move more of your workloads to the cloud, or you are seeking greater optimization for your existing cloud solutions, a planned and phased approach is recommended. In this blog, we go over how to move to the cloud.

Getting Started

A cloud infrastructure, for instance, can help you stay competitive in a difficult economy. But successfully implementing a cloud infrastructure can be complex and requires a diverse set of skills, as well as some key considerations.

  1. How do you build the cloud?
  2. Is a Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud the best choice?
  3. What security standards and protocols need to be considered?
  4. How does it all come together… infrastructure, applications?


Cloud computing environments can involve new software development languages, application programming interfaces, and techniques; new approaches to storage; and an array of paradigm shifts in system administration, security, operations, and maintenance. Similarly, comprehensive virtualization and consolidation initiatives require expertise across the entire IT stack to avoid pitfalls and stay on-track.

A Simple Pathway to Move to the Cloud                                                                                                                        

Through numerous customer engagements and field experience, DoubleHorn has developed and refined a full lifecycle / best-of-breed methodology for cloud transformation.  This methodology includes a framework of modules and deliverables that are tailored to address the unique needs of each organization.  Regardless of an organization’s size and location, or whether the migration entails a single application or a complete migration of the IT portfolio to the cloud, a carefully planned methodology can prove successful with many organizations.

DoubleHorn implementation services provide a fully managed and streamlined experience. We provide industry-leading experts, methodologies, and strong project management processes, tools and controls to ensure your success.

How It Works

The DoubleHorn methodology is a ‘staged’ approach. Risks and opportunities are identified at each stage, prior to committing time and capital resources.   Before proceeding through each stage, DoubleHorn communicates the assessment outcomes of each stage using documentation and reports appropriate for the organization’s audience, whether executive, operational or technical.

The three modules of the Cloud Transformation Methodology encompass six distinct stages of the process. The three modules are:

  • Assessment
  • Implementation
  • Operation

The process starts with a proper Assessment: educating on cloud concepts, evaluating the feasibility of moving applications to cloud environments, strategy and goal-setting and more. We meet with your project team to gather all the information we can about your current environment. We talk through needs and review all applicable options. You provide feedback on budget, timeline, uptime, and priorities, and we listen and document those requirements.

During Implementation, DoubleHorn certified professionals will help you build your cloud and enable your application workloads.  Upon approval of the architecture design, our engineers begin implementing your organization’s unique cloud solution.

Finally, Operation is managed by DoubleHorn, the customer, or both. Via the MyDoubleHorn customer portal, we provide tools and resources necessary to monitor performance, track usage and billing, manage security and compliance and more.

Get Started Now

It’s easy to get started. We offer a complimentary initial assessment of 2-4 hours and will assist you in setting up a pilot program. Contact us today to learn more, 855-61-VOICE (86423).