Introducing Liftr News

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The Liftr Index is a index designed to compare Cloud Providers in a single, streamlined metric for each Provider, as well as a metric that shows the health of Cloud Providers as a whole.

We are proud to announce our the soft launch of! The full version of the site with even more content will be launching on September 15th. Liftr is a news platform bringing all the latest cloud news directly to you in a variety of formats, including relevant articles, video content, interviews with industry experts, and more. In addition, will provide a proprietary index, the Liftr Index, which calculates the health and performance of the major cloud providers along with the industry as a whole.

The Liftr Index is designed to take a holistic view of factors contributing to the success of cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. We developed an algorithm that calculates the Index Score on a variety of factors, including Reliability, Sentiment, Adaptability, Public Interest, Price, ROI, and Security. How do we measure each of these attributes?

 Liftr News gives cloud analytics and data to you in a variety of formats, including relevant articles, video content, interviews with industry experts, and more.

  • Reliability: We score each cloud provider on factors like uptime and availability, enabling us to measure how well each service enables customer access.
  • Sentiment: Using publicly available content from Twitter, we measure the sentiment of individual Tweets about each cloud provider to calculate public sentiment for each provider.
  • Public Interest: By evaluating market share, we can reliably understand the interest in each service.
  • Price: We analyze costs across the offerings of each cloud provider to determine a price score for each service.
  • Return on Investment: Specific use cases like web applications, storage applications, and disaster recovery applications are used to determine expected value versus expected cost of a company’s cloud investment.
  • Security: We compile data regarding the supported compliance standards of each cloud provider to understand how data is being protected and generate a like-to-like score for each Provider.

Each of these metrics is processed by our algorithm to determine a score for each cloud provider as well as a score that shows a ‘big picture’ view of how the cloud as a whole is performing. The Liftr Index is certified by Frost & Sullivan.

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