IaaS – Your Turnkey Solution for IT Infrastructure

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Cloud services have revolutionized the IT space in more ways than one. A host of services offered over the cloud are aiding the businesses in achieving higher efficiency while lowering their costs. The three fundamental models of services offered over the cloud are Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Let us talk about Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and how does it help businesses on this blog. IaaS refers to the provision of virtualized hardware which includes network connections, virtual server space, load balancers, bandwidth and IP addresses among others. Physically, this pool of hardware resourced is pooled from various servers and networks usually distributed across several data centers that the service provider is responsible for maintaining. As with every cloud service, IaaS facilitates your business to create and manage easily scalable, efficient and cost-effective IT solutions where the expenses and complexities involved in managing them are outsourced to the service provider. IaaS facilitates a multitude of advantages as illustrated below

Eliminates the need to invest in hardware: All the underlying hardware required to support an IaaS service is set up and managed by a service provider thereby eliminating the need for you to invest heavily in procuring, installing and maintaining costly hardware.

Scalability: As and when you need to upgrade or expand your capacity, the service provider does it for you and whenever you need to scale down the capacity, the unused capacity is removed thereby facilitating no wastage of unused memory.

Costing based on Utility: As against the conventional costing system, IaaS offers billing services only on the services and capacity utilized thereby facilitating the customer to only pay for what has been used by him.

Disaster Recovery: In a traditional IT setup, outages lead to significant loss of time and resources, but your business will not suffer an outage given the fact that there will be no single point of failure while using IaaS. A service provider, in the event of a failure, will immediately switch to other redundancy configurations and hardware resources thereby ensuring you quick recovery from a disaster.

Location Independence: The service can be accessed from virtually anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection and security protocols of the cloud that allow access. This ensures that the mobile workers are always connected irrespective of their location.

Physical Security of Data Centers: The data centers that host these services through private and public clouds are very secure and the service providers ensure high level of security to protect your interests. Moreover, as the infrastructure provided is virtual, you are relieved of the extra burden to secure and maintain the physical components such as servers and other components.

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