How to Stay Ahead of the Curve with DoubleHorn’s Award-winning Cloud-based Solutions

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When it comes to communications processes, cloud-based solutions have proved to serve as game changers in terms of innovation in today’s marketplace. Not only do cloud applications enable IT management at a faster, cheaper and agiler rate, but they also allow companies to invest less money on in-house servers and complex infrastructure technologies and focus more time and energy on what’s really important to the business.

Cloud applications can offer a variety of savings by reducing maintenance and support fees, energy bills, and hardware costs and eliminate any additional costs for product upgrades. Because there is no additional cost for product upgrades, a company can stay flexible and cost-efficient when responding to the changing market needs and introductions of new technologies.

DoubleHorn owns and operates a proven, purpose-built online communications platform that delivers communications and IT services over a fast, secure and certified network infrastructure. Among the company’s award-winning services, DoubleHorn’s cloud-based solutions also offer cloud servers and storage and Unified Communications offerings which are provided and managed in-house. Additionally, The company also offers Hosted Session Management and carrier-grade networking and security for its network and communication services.

DoubleHorn’s cloud-based solutions provide the opportunities to meet the challenges of today’s competitive industry while remaining flexible for the possibilities of tomorrow.